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If you live in the Chartham area of the United Kingdom, you may know about a fantastic place for catching fish.

The name of this place for catching fish is the Stour Valley Fishing Site. It is famous among the people as the provider of a relaxing and peaceful experience of catching fish.

The owners of this site are great people, and they appointed an expert staff to run this fantastic site. It is sure that this site offers a magnificent experience to any angler.

The authority of this place welcomes everyone in this venue to experience fishing. An angler may be an expert or beginner in fishing, but it is a good place for them.

More Information About Stour Valley Fishing Complex

This Complex is a carp lake in Canterbury, Kent, UK. It has a stock of a large number of carp fish. It is 8 Acres in size. The largest fish here is about 40lb+.

Located in the heart of Kent (Chilham), this complex is a one-of-a-kind place. The place has two lakes. It is ideal for coarse fishing for day-ticket anglers.

The beautiful venue has two lovely lakes in the fantastic Kent countryside in Chilham. The site offers a pleasant place near Canterbury for fishing.

You can catch Carp and other fish. The authority welcomes both short and long-term Carp Anglers. They also allow those who want to fish for Coarse Fish for a day.

Anglers must visit the site office before fishing at this beautiful Fishing Complex. Dip your landing net, unhook the mat, and weigh the sling, in front of a staff member.

The management team will immediately remove anglers from the complex if they don’t report to the site office. They built a new road for easy access to all swims.

You can now drive and park behind every swim. Toilet facilities are available, but please leave them as found. A locked gate provides only access to the entire complex, which is also fenced.

Why not take your family fishing with you? For an even better experience, you can send them to visit nearby Canterbury or Ashford. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a fantastic day of fishing.

Please only use the three rods at a time. When swimming and fishing, each angler can use only two rods. They must always stay close to their rods within 3 meters.

Stour Valley Fishing Complex: A Great Place
Carp is available in the Loggies Lake. DezidorCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do not bring carp sacks onto the lake. You can keep carp in a landing net for 30 minutes to take photos before releasing them.

This site only allows barbed or micro-barbed hooks. The authority will cut the use of keep nets for other species. Net size should be at least 20 x 80.

Anglers need a proper un-hooking mat. Dogs are not allowed at this Day Ticket Complex. Do not use any bright lights at night except head torches.

Please keep the noise to a minimum level. If you start a fire or drink too much on a lake, the authority will remove you if you can’t handle fish.

To avoid burning the grass, only use boilies and pellets for barbecues, and keep them off the ground. Please do not bring any particles onto the complex.

Anglers must have a valid fishing license. Do not use lead core or leaders. Use and clean toilet facilities. Leave them clean.

Take all litter home. Bait boats are not allowed. You can’t wade and don’t cut or damage trees. Return fish to water, and never move them.

If you find any dead fish, let the Fisheries Manager know. Don’t use plastic baits or braided mainline. Your fishing line should be at least 15lb strong.

Zigs are not permitted. If someone gives the gate code to unauthorized individuals, the site will ask them to leave. You can only use up to three rods at once during pike fishing.

Use at least 15lb mono or 30lb braid line. Always use wire traces with a breaking strain of 28lb and a length of 15 inches. You cannot use live bait.

Use snap tackle without barbs or semi-barbs. Do not use gags, gaffs, or boga grips. Anglers need long forceps, wire cutters, pliers, and disgorgers with deep throats.

From the complex, the authority will remove anyone who does not adhere to the stated rules. People also know this venue to catch fish as Loggies Lake.

Someone created the lake in 2004, and it has already produced over 35 fish weighing 30 to 40 pounds. It has numerous amounts of potential. They stocked the lake to create a fish-friendly habitat, and enjoyable to visit.

A skilled fisherman can expect to catch Carp weighing over 40 pounds. Please note that you can only visit Loggies Lake by appointment.


This place’s natural beauty attracts people from all over Kent, not the locals. It has every element to offer a good time who visit this site to catch fish.

It is a site that helps to increase the concentration power of the people who live in the area of the Chartham. The people living in Chartham know the benefits of fishing in this place.

So they love to gather here and enjoy time by catching fish with exploring the surroundings. It is the provider of the memorable experience, without question.

If you live close to this place in Kent, don’t hesitate to visit. There are many mentionable things for fish enthusiasts to explore and discover.

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