Falkenvil Fishery: A Wonderful Place


The relationship between fishing and the people of the United Kingdom is deep. It is one type of hobby for many citizens of this European country.

Many fishery exists in different parts of the United Kingdom as angling is very popular. Falkenvil Fishery is one of these places for fishing where many people visit.

The location of this place is between the towns of Eastbourne and Hailsham. Hailsham was an old British settlement. It existed before the Romans invaded Kent and Sussex in 43 AD.

The area of this fishing spot is beautiful as it has the blessings of nature. It is an ideal place for fishing and exploring the natural beauty.

More Information About Falkenvil Fishery

It is a day ticket providing a coarse fishery in Hailsham of East Sussex County. Five major lakes in this area contain a large amount of fish.

The lakes of the Falkenvil Fishery are full of various species of fish. But carp and catfish are the main fish species available on the lakes.

Tench, barbel, chub, bream, roach, chub, and perch are also available in this area. This large amount of fish attracts people to come here to catch fish.

There are many facilities available in this fishing spot in Hailsham. These facilities provide a relaxing experience to the anglers.

A good place for car parking and many toilets are available in this area. It also provides access for disabled people.

Falkenvil Fishery
Roach is available in Falkenvil. Scardinius_erythropthalmus1_resize.jpg:Algirdas at lt.wikipediaderivative work: George Chernilevsky talkCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The majority of swims in the lakes are accessible by motor vehicle. It is a big fishing spot which has five lakes.

These lakes are full of lots of fish. It is easy and enjoyable to catch fish in this area. Anglers love it for this reason.

Fishes start biting as soon as anglers cast the rod in the lakes. It happens as the lakes are full of carp and catfish.

If you are an angler who wants to see lots of action during fishing, this place is for you. There is the specimen lake for the more professional and experienced carp anglers.

Fishing spot here remains open from 6 am to 6 pm, seven days a week. It is a famous fishing spot for anglers of all types of abilities. It is also well known for its good coaches.

Lakes of This Fishery

There are five lakes available in this area of fishing. These lakes have the surroundings of beautiful nature and offer a great time to the anglers.

Main Lake

There is a dog-leg-shaped four-acre lake with a small island. Its water holds a good mix of coarse fish with carp up to 21 lb with an average of around 7 lb.

Specimen Lake

It is 2 acres in size with many features to fish, including a large island and overhanging trees. The lake is full of carp to 30 lb and catfish to 50 lb.

Match Lake

There is a total of three match lakes in the Falkenvil fishery. The first lake is a long thin island. It holds coarse fish, including carp, barbel, bream chub, and roach.

The second lake is a small long thin fishing lake with a slight dog leg to one end. Its water holds a mix of fish with an average carp weight of around 5 lbs.

Third Lake is a 2-acre dog leg-shaped fishing lake. It holds carp, bream, chub, and roach. There is no doubt that these lakes are ideal places to take the experience of fishing.


This spot to catch fish in East Sussex County is a great place, without any doubt. It offers many things to the people who visit to enjoy a good time by angling.

Many people in the East Sussex County of England love angling. They know the benefits of angling, so they love to do it.

The people who love to catch lots of fish in a few time, it is ideal for them. The lakes of this spot are full of a large number of fish.

If you live near this spot, you can visit with your family and friends to enjoy a good time. The natural beauty of the surrounding area here offers something extraordinary.

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