The Largest Hot Desert in The World: The Great Sahara

The majestic Sahara desert is one of the most inhospitable places on our planet. It is almost as if Mother Nature is trying to keep people away from this vast, arid expanse of land. This majestic land is the largest hot desert in the world and one of the harshest places on earth. It covers […]

Some Amazing Things to Know About The Jaguar

The jaguar (Panthera onca) is one of the largest and fiercest cats in South America and the Amazon Rainforest. It is the deadly and main predator of the Amazon rainforest that does not hesitate to kill crocodiles and anaconda snakes of the Amazon rainforest. Jaguar is very similar to a leopard because of its tan […]

7 Things to Know About The Clouded Leopard

When you hear the name of this astonishing animal, you may be wondering what kind of name it is! Does this creature live in the clouds? The answer is No. The Clouded Leopard is the name of an animal that lives on the land. Because of being covered with cloud-like skin, people may have named […]

The 52 Hertz Whale: A Lonely Whale of The Sea

I am going to discuss with you about whales now. This whale is known as a Lonely whale of the Sea, and its name is 52-Hertz Whale. The time is December 1989. Bill Watkinson, a researcher at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a Marine Life research center in the Massachusetts area, suddenly caught a […]

Information About Nilgai: The Largest Antelope in Asia

Nilgai, also called bluebuck, is the largest Asian antelope (family Bovidae). It is one kind of deer and the largest deer species in Asia. Its scientific name is Boselaphus Tragocamelus. The nilgai is indigenous to the Indian region, and Hindus give them the sacred status as cattle. Nilgai is the Hindustani word for “blue cow,” […]