Cottington Lakes: A Perfect Place for Anglers


There are many benefits of catching fish, and British people know it. They consider this activity as both beneficial and the medium of entertainment.

They love to catch fish in the fishing site like the Cottington Lakes. This venue in the Sandwich area of Kent County has every necessary element to offer a good time.

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A notable fact is that hundreds of fishing sites exist in the United Kingdom. The main reason for this existence is the love of the British people.

A simple fact is that many fishing sites have great natural surroundings. These surroundings are ideal for fishing and offer some great time.

More Information About Cottington Lakes

It is the most south-eastern fishery of its size in the United Kingdom. It has established itself as one of the region’s leading day-ticket waters.

A great experience is waiting here for all fish-loving people. Cottington Fishery has eight lakes offering a variety of angling facilities.

This facility includes everyone from novices to experienced specimen carp enthusiasts. It is on 45 acres of delightful wooded Kentish countryside.

The countryside complements the lakes. It also gives a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. A tackle shop and café are available on this site catching fish.

There are also modern and clean toilets with good shower facilities available. A fantastic Lake House Kitchen exists on this site.

This fantastic kitchen remains open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am – 3 pm. It is a site where anglers visit for hot snacks and many hot and cold drinks.

Various types of lakes are available in this venue for catching fish. It provides a choice of five mixed coarse lakes.

There are also two specimen carp lakes and a snake-shaped match lake. The match lake is about one-and-a-half miles long.

This venue for catching fish has good size and quality with a delightful setting. It makes an ideal venue for experienced and novice anglers wishing to learn.

Cottington Fishery is also perfect for pleasure anglers looking to spend a few days fishing with their family or friends.

This site must rank amongst the most attractive and varied fisheries in Britain. The authority of this is doing many things to improve the quality.

They provided the facilities for wheelchairs with dedicated parking next to Black Lake. There are spacious and unique solid pathways and 2-meter square fishing platforms.

There are a variety of tickets available. It offers 24-hour, day, night, or half-day options to suit most needs. There are also several other water reservoirs available in this area.

Cottington Lakes
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These are some slow-running streams meandering through the complex. Between 16 June and 14 March is an ideal time. It is a unique time for catching fish in these streams.

It holds good fish, including carp well into double figures, and pikes to over 20 lbs. There are parts of the dense weeded dykes. Anyone can catch fish on this site by holding a day ticket.

They are particularly popular with carp anglers looking for an altogether different challenge. It is also popular among the pike anglers in the winter.

There is an expert team of bailiffs who supervise the lake. They are always willing to help anglers with local knowledge and experience.

There are five pitches reserved for Caravan Club members. Four of these pitches have electric hookups. The authority provides these facilities to host guests for more than a day.


Many people want some time to avoid the hassles of daily life. A fishing venue with beautiful nature is perfect for them, without any doubt.

This type of place helps to avoid the complex modern life for some time. Many things remain available for the anglers to explore.

There are many notable fisheries available in Kent, including Cottington Lakes. Another mentionable fishing site in this County is famous as Mousehole Fishery.

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