Sandwich Fishery: A Great Fishing Venue


Many people living in the beautiful county of Kent love fishing, without any doubt. They know about many beautiful sites that are famous for fishing.

The name of one of these sites to catch fish is Sandwich Fishery. People of this region also know this site as the Sandwich Coarse Fishery.

It is a mentionable fishing ground in this part of the United Kingdom. People of this area visit this site for many reasons, including enjoying a good time.

This fantastic site has all the basic facilities for a great stay. This magnificent site to catch fish is in the area named Canterbury.

In the Middle Ages, many people went on pilgrimages to Canterbury, a town in southeast England.

The Romans built ancient walls that surround the medieval center of the city. The center has cobbled streets and timber-framed houses.

More Information About Sandwich Fishery

There is a fishery where you can buy a ticket for the day. It is in the peaceful countryside with beautiful views.

This spot to catch fish welcomes experienced carp anglers and beginners with no hesitation. Sandwich Coarse Fishery has a waterside cafe.

Sandwich Fishery
Rudd is available in the Sandwich Fishery. IidkkCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The cafe of this venue serves hot and cold food and snacks. This venue has restrooms for women and men, plenty of parking, and a store with bait and gear.

Rod hire is also available at the fisherman’s lodge in this venue. It has every element that gives it recognition as an ideal venue to catch fish.

Lakes of This Site

Sandwich Coarse Fishery has six fantastic lakes. They have a variety of big fish. Contact the fishery manager to arrange matches or angling lessons, Kevin Killeen.

Victory Lake

The main lake is 2 acres. The islands have reeds and lilies around them. Authority of this venue stock Commons and Mirrors up to 35lb in this water.

The fish include Ghost Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, and Perch. These fish provide a fantastic experience to the anglers, without any doubt.

Mirrors 36lb
Commons 25lb
Albino grass23lb

Kingfisher Lake

This pond is 0.6 acres and stocked with Commons and Mirrors to 10lb, ideal for bagging. The car park has direct access to all eight swims. A bridge from Kingfisher provides easy access to Victory Lake.

Match Lakes

These lakes, Damson and Victoria, are 1 acre each. Match anglers make use of them. In the summer, you can fish in the shallow margins with reeds. In the winter, you can use a light feeder in the deep drop-off.

It has the stock of Carp-12lb, Bream-11lb 2oz, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Bonus Tench. These are the most beautiful match lakes in Kent County of the United Kingdom!

Meadow Lake

The total size of this lake is one acre. It has eight marked pegs and traditional grass bank fishing.

It has a large stock of Scaly Mirror and Common Carp to 5lb. This lake also holds a perch and roach – anglers can catch it!

Berry Lake

The total size of this lake is about one acre. It has a stock of 3000 f1s mirrors common roach Rudd perch, and some large bream. Float and pellet tactics work well on this water reservoir.


Nature blesses this site, helping visitors relax and enjoy fishing. The simple fact of visiting this site of the people is it helps to remove the stress of life.

A stress-free time is necessary for making life more enjoyable. Experienced anglers think this is a great place to catch fish.

They consider it ideal as it offers a variety of fishing options to the people. The staff here are experts who make sure the fishing environment is excellent.

There must be various services available to be an ideal fishing spot. These services ensure an enjoyable stay in the fishing venue, without any doubt.

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