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The UK has many great places to fish, like Cackle Hill Fishery. The authority improves Cackle Hill to benefit all anglers.

They extended the main water reservoir, and they made long island smaller. They separated it into two small islands. They also added bars for the angler to find.

They have stocked water 2, specimen water, and now a great fishing spot. The mixed water reservoir, called the Original pool, had a break.

Now it has silverfish, small Carp, Tench, Bream, Chub, and Perch. They have a tackle shop on site. It sells Korda, mainline, Bait tech, and more.

They also have terminal tackle, luggage, unhooking mats, landing nets, and worms. The café area is spacious and offers hot, cooked food.

It also has fridges with cold drinks and snacks. It also provides bathrooms and showers, plus safe parking areas right here.

More Information About Cackle Hill Fishery

Many restaurants are available near the fishery, like Indian, Chinese, and fish & chips. A supermarket is also nearby, so long-stay anglers have everything they need.

The concessions are only for day tickets. You can use lakes braid mainline. Use at least a 15lb line on both specimen lakes. Every angler must use unhooking mats/slings and not share them.

You can only use barbless hooks and cannot use bait coils. Use drop-off lead systems instead of fixed leads. Always use rig tubing 16 inches long to keep your rods safe.

While fishing, always support your rods in rod rests or pods and never leave them unattended. You can only use bait boats if you arrange it in advance.

You can only catch fish in your designated area. Don’t change swims or lakes without talking to the Bailiff. To fish here, you can’t use tiger nuts or homemade bait.

You have to buy dead bait from the Tackle Shop. Don’t use live bait unless management permits you. Please return all fish and use fish care treatment.

The management is not responsible for any loss or injury to people or belongings. Please refrain from littering, using guns, or creating excessive noise.

Cackle Hill Fishery: A Great Place
Perch is available in the CACKLE HILL. Max33CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drink moderately and dispose of your waste in the provided bins. Remember, you are not allowed to have fires or dogs. The rule allows each angler to have only one spectator.

Make use of the 24-hour toilets that are available. Children under 16 must have a grown-up with them while fishing.

You need permission to drive by the lakes. All cars must go back to the parking lot. Please vacate the swimming area by the designated times.

If you come to the complex outside of hours, security will see you as a trespasser and may prosecute you. This site has 24-hour surveillance and monitoring. There are no refunds.

The gates lock from 19:00-07:00 during British Summertime. If there is an emergency, call the number on the website. The authority may check vehicles that leave after hours.

Please do not leave any broken fishing equipment on the premises. If you have any questions or if something is not covered, please ask a member of the management.

Specimen Lake 1

The main lake at the complex has nine swims. Anglers can enjoy a swim that offers features and ample space.

The fishable area of this reservoir has increased because they extended the car park. They created two islands, making them even big.

This venue can get busy because there are big carp and catfish. The pool is not very deep, ranging from 18 inches to 7 feet.

The pool depths change with the weather. The owners are building swims to improve comfort during wet months. Anglers usually cast to the far bank.

But they should also try the middle and near margins for fish. The cafe area by the pond has gravel-topped spaces and shelves around some islands.

To catch catfish, use a strong fishing line and secure clutches. This lake is about 6-11 feet deep. It has different types of carp and catfish. They weigh between 35lb and 90lb.

Specimen Lake 2

This site added big carp to the existing fish collection, with some weighing over 38 pounds. Besides carp, the lake has catfish weighing over 80 lbs.

It also has big perch. Lake 2 is unique and offers variety compared to other lakes. Over the years, the lake has grown and has an island and reeds along the edges.

The lake always has fish as people always catch fish. The lake is six feet deep on average. It is ideal for fishing all year.

The shallowest part of the lake, the far end, often has big carp. Visitors can catch carp up to 38lb, catfish up to 80lb, and perch weighing 6lb or more.

The Mixed Lake

It is the oldest and the smallest venue for catching fish. The authority restocked it with various fish, including carp and catfish. There are only a few swims in this mixed venue.

You can fish two of them together. This site to catch fish is ideal for fishing, with many catches from the middle and undercut margins.

The depth of the pool ranges from two to over eight feet. It is because as the stream runs through it, the water level hardly ever decreases.

The owners removed many reeds, brambles, and foliage from this venue. They also took down the netting they had put up before.

Since the authority built the complex, more parts of the venue are now open for fishing. The mixed water reservoir is a great place to fish.

There are many animals to see, like our kingfisher family. Anglers should visit this venue for a day or night session.


The Cackle Hill complex is home to big carp and catfish. It also shelters perch and other fish. This site offers vacations in cabins and campsites for adults only.

The camping site has electricity and water. The owners are proud of their establishment at Cackle Hill and know you will enjoy your fishing visit.

They can’t wait to meet you. Make sure the nets, bags, and slings are dry before arrival. You can’t keep any nets unless you have matches.

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