Elphicks Fisheries: A Serene Haven for Anglers


There are many attractive places in Tonbridge, including lakes and fishery. Elphicks Fisheries is one of these places in this county of the United Kingdom.

Many attractive fishing sites are available in this famous area of Kent County. These beautiful sites to catch fish offer opportunities to enjoy a good time.

It is possible to say that this venue in the area of Tonbridge is an ideal place for anglers. Tonbridge is a famous Market Town in the Kent County of the United Kingdom.

More Information About Elphicks Fisheries

It is a place with many notable facilities for angling. The responsible authority of this venue has good experience with fishing. They can provide good service because of this experience.

It is a famous site that welcomes people of all ages and abilities to catch fish. There are seven lakes available for a day ticket and session fishing.

Each of these lakes has its parking system. It is easy to reach the swims of the lakes from these parking facilities.

A notable piece of information is a lodge is available in this venue for the visitors. There are many facilities available in this lodge to enjoy some good moments.

It carries drinks, snacks and sweets, and a range of the latest bait and terminal tackle. Many products like Solar and Dynamite Baits are available in this lodge.

The authority provided Ladies, Disabled, and Gents toilet facilities within the Lodge building. Elphicks Fishery remains open from 7 am daily until the closing time.

Elphicks Fisheries
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The facilities for taking a shower for the overnight guests are also available. There are also some neat and clean portable toilets for the anglers.

The authority of this venue provided net dips and lots of refuse bins on every lake. They request every angler who visits this site to use them.

The owners of this property designed this site by considering many notable things. They completed the work on this site by providing good facilities to disabled anglers.

It has a shallow access ramp, extra wide doors with no sills, and a toilet for disabled people. Many lakes have ramps and level all-weather swims to ease the use of wheelchairs.

Lakes of This Site

The authority aims to provide sports for anglers of all ages and abilities. It is a spot for fishing that welcomes anyone from experts to beginners.


It is a 19-swim 6-acre specimen carp water open to adult-only day ticket & session fishermen. Ten anglers can catch fish here at any one time.


It is a 1.3-acre specimen Carp Lake with 8-swim. The responsible authority allows four anglers and 3 rods. It has carp fish to 40+ size.


It is a 3-acre, 14-swim specimen carp water reservoir. It has carp fish of 40 lb+ size. Day tickets and night fishing are available on this site. The authority allows three rods.


The total area of this lake is 1 1/2 acre. It has 15 swims and a well-stocked carp lake that holds carp to 31 lb. The manager allows ten anglers at a time here.


The total area of this lake is about 2.5 acres. It has 30 swims and a large stock of Common, Mirror, Carp up to 30lb+, Tench up to 10lb, and Perch.


The total size of this lake is about 3 acres. It has eight swim lakes and is for the specimen Carp hunter only.

Pullens fish are not easy to come by, but when anglers get stuck, they fight.

The authority allows five anglers on Pullens Lake at any one time. It offers an ideal angling experience waiting here, without any doubt.

West End

It is a 3-acre and 8-swim lake. It is again for the specimen Carp hunter. The authority allows the highest five anglers on West End at any time.


These are the valuable information about the Elphicks Fishery. Every angler must know this information before they visit this site.

People living in this area are well aware of the benefits of fishing. They love to catch fish with their family and friends.

People of this island country maintain a close relationship with fishing. They established this beneficial activity as the largest participant sport in the United Kingdom.

They have done as it provides entertainment to them, without any doubt. There are many other notable fishing sites, including Tricklebrook Fishery.

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