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Fishing is one of the famous activities of the people living in the United Kingdom, without any doubt. It is the provider of entertainment to the people of Britain.

There are many fishing sites available all over Britain, like Fenland Fisheries. This type of site exists in a large number as it provides relaxing time to the people.

People want some peaceful time to escape their busy modern life. Fishing is an activity that gives the chance to enjoy stress-free time without any doubt.

This fantastic venue is in an area named Huntingdon. It is a famous market town in the Huntingdonshire district in Cambridgeshire, England.

More Information About Fenland Fisheries

The time of the establishment of this fantastic fishing venue is the year 1984. Proprietor Mike Hawes purchased this 17-acre site that year.

He did it to further his ambition to work in the Aquatics business. Fenland Fisheries has a good number of fish stocks, without any doubt.

This fantastic venue has two lakes that offer fishing facilities from its foundation. The anglers used this site for trout fishing without any buildings or amenities.

Fenland Fisheries: A Great Place for Anglers
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The company director named, Mike Hawes, created a development plan. It included services, constructing permanent roads, and building retail shops.

In 2003 this venue branched out again by developing a new business opportunity. They began providing carp to restock, becoming the top large carp supplier in the UK.

In 2015, they opened a new fantastic carp fishery. They also developed their strain of carp, bred in England, with growing potential in the United Kingdom.

Willow Lake

It is the name of the former gravel pit of some 6-7 acres of area. Since 1992, the authority has designated it a carp fishery for studying specimens.

In the past few years, the fish have been getting heavier. Many anglers have beaten their previous records at the fishing spot.

Today, around 80% are over 20lb, and many upper twenties and 25-30 fish are over 30lb, including four over 40lb. The present record of this fantastic lake stands at 44lb 4oz plus.

Vermuyden Lake

Vermuyden Lake is a big fishing spot named after a Dutch engineer. It used to be a gravel pit. There are 200+ carp to over 30lb with all the stock over 10 lbs.

The fishery is popular with beginners and experienced anglers who love catching fish. The carp like all methods, but using two rods with hair-rigged boilies is best for big fish.

Anglers catch carp on the coldest days, giving the lake a good reputation for winter fishing. Both day and night tickets are available all year round without any doubt.

Before fishing, put the money for an all-day ticket in the bungalow’s front door letterbox.

To buy a day ticket, put your money in an envelope. Write your name, phone number, and car registration on the envelope.

Ash Tree Pool

It is about a third of one acre with 12 swims, designed for float or pole fishing. As you enter Fenland Fisheries, you’ll see Ash Tree Pool, the first beautiful lake.

It has lots of fish. You can still catch small roaches and rudd using maggot tactics. You can also catch carp using a pole and pellet or a bomb and corn.

Before you begin fishing, put your payment for the all-day ticket at the front door.

Please place your payment for the day ticket in an envelope. Write your name, phone number, and car registration on the front of the envelope.


People living in the area of Cambridgeshire visit this place in large numbers. They come here and explore its beautiful surroundings with the fishing experience.

A mentionable fact about this place is that it has a majestic touch of natural beauty. The beautiful nature of this place attracts more people and offers a unique experience.

A good group of people work in this venue and have high dedication to their work. They also have expertise in the field of fishing, and they help the anglers.

A fantastic environment exists in this venue of Cambridgeshire, without question. It is a venue that welcomes all types of anglers, including beginners and experts in fishing.

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