Greenacres Fishery: Where Fishing and Beauty Intertwine


If you live in the famous County of Kent, you may know about a fantastic fishing site in this area. The name of this site to catch fish is Greenacres Fishery.

It is also famous as the Greenacres Farm Fishery. It is a site that plays a vital role by becoming the place for enjoying some relaxing and peaceful time.

Many people who are lovers of catching fish visit this fantastic site often. The offering of this site attracts people from different parts of Kent, without any doubt.

A valuable fact about this place is it has a beautiful touch of nature. The United Kingdom is a beautiful island country with stunning fishing sites.

This site of the County named Kent is no alternative to it, without any doubt. It is a place for all anglers as the authority welcomes them.

More Information About Greenacres Fishery

This fantastic venue is in Biddenden, Kent, and it has five lakes. These lakes are for everyone. It has two lakes, one general, one Tench pond, and one match lake.

You need to visit and enjoy this beautiful setting. The authority closes the gates of this site from 6:30 pm to 7 am. You cannot order or receive takeaways or deliveries after 6 pm.

All children under 16 must be with an adult. The owners are not responsible for any loss or damage to belongings or vehicles on the premises.

The owners are not responsible if you get hurt here. Please take your trash with you. If you litter, someone will tell you to leave. Bring dip mats and slings before fishing.

Don’t walk in the water. You cannot use bait boats or braided main lines. You also cannot use any nuts or lead core. Additionally, you cannot use trout pellets or fixed leads.

GreenAcres Fishery
Tench is available in the Green Acres Fishery. Karelj, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

You cannot use shelf-life boilies; you can only use fresh or frozen ones. You can only use barbed or micro barbed hooks and must release any carp you catch.

To prepare for fishing, have a main line that weighs at least 12 pounds. Use a landing net that is at least 36 inches long. And use an unhooking mat that is at least 40 inches long.

The quality of the fish in this place is commendable, and the owner takes excellent care of them. All lakes should close during winter for bedding.

The lake will also close during spawning. Again, numpties do not run this place. The fish care is of an exceptional standard.

The previous owners let people stroll around, fish, and relax in a peaceful area. They consider this their haven, not a place to stalk, and they have blocked this practice.

During the day, this lake is noisy and has wildlife. Be careful around the geese and ducks. They have babies and may be aggressive since we’ve fixed their home.


Many anglers who have already experienced fishing on this site praised it. They praised it as this venue is successful to pleasing, without any doubt.

An expert team of people works on this site who remain busy in any need of the anglers. These people are so hard working and have high dedication to their work.

They love to help anglers with fishing-related issues as they are experts in it. They play a vital role in bringing more visitors to this venue by doing their duty.

If you live near this fantastic fishing site in Kent, you can visit this place as their many things to explore.

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