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If you want to know about a unique feature of the country named the United Kingdom, it is fishery. Hundreds of fisheries exist in this majestic country, without any doubt.

Passies Pond Fishery is one of these where many people from different parts of the nearby area visit. The purpose of their visit to this site is fishing, without any doubt.

But many of them also have different purposes, such as enjoying the beauty of nature. The location of this place is in perfect natural beauty, and this beauty attracts people.

This fantastic fishing venue is in the area of Coombes. It is a small village and civil parish in the Adur District of West Sussex County in the United Kingdom.

More Information About Passies Pond Fishery

There is no doubt that it is a great fishing spot. Angling Trades Association nominated it as ‘Centre of Excellence’ in 1998. It is a fishing venue that achieved love from the anglers.

The location of this site has the touch of beautiful nature, without any question. The authority dug it in an area of spring waters in the lowland of the Adur Valley.

It provides coarse angling on two lakes which are suitable for disabled anglers. The owners of this property tried their best to attract visitors here.

They have tried to provide many good facilities to offer a great time. There are car parks and toilets here, and access is via a private roadway, but it is open only to anglers.

There are some rules that the authority sets to maintain a peaceful and relaxing time. The owners allowed anglers to keep nets in this place but requested not to use them.

Passies Pond Fishery: Amazing Facts to Know
Entrance to Passies Pond. © Copyright Dave Spicer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

They requested to keep carp because of their hooked fins or fish over 1lb. It has every element to offer a good time to those who love angling.

An on-site tackle shop is also available there, and it remains open almost every day from 9.00 am. It has accessories and baits such as pastes, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, and a small stock of maggots.

It is possible to order casters and larger quantities of bait from this shop in advance. This venue caters for Corporate events, besides catering for pleasure and match anglers.

It remains open all year round from dawn until dusk in summer and from 7.00 am until evening in winter. It is possible to get day tickets from the on-site hut.

The authority suggests the anglers place the correct fee in the envelopes that they give. Anglers write the name and car registration number on the outside of the envelope.

Main Lake

The total area of this fantastic lake is about five acres in size, and it also has 50 permanent pegs. It has many features to fish to, and the authority has designed it to cut hot spots.

The authority cut the hotspots for the anglers. It gives them a chance to catch where they fish on the water. Most of the reservoir is four feet deep near the bank.

The year 1990 is the time of the opening of this great lake. It is an ideal water reservoir for pleasure anglers. It is because the authority does not arrange any club matches on it.

There are also no pre-booking facilities for these pegs. This fantastic site has a large fish stock, including Mirror, Common, and Ghost Carp.

It is generally shallow and is a popular waggler and pole fishery venue. But anglers want to reach greater distances by using weighted floats or feeders.

Match Lake

It is one of the great lakes and is about six acres in size with 68 permanent pegs. The authority designed it as a canal. It is available for clubs, corporate events, and school or group days.

It is also super for day-ticket fishing when it remains free for competitions. The authority constructed the fishery in such a way by providing sports facilities.

A large number of fish stock is available on this site. This stock includes different types of fish, including mirror carp. It is next to the Main lake and six feet deep.

It is a good starting point for anglers who have never match-fished any lake. It is usable for the long pole fishing caster and maggot on the far bank.


Passies Pond is a famous venue for catching fish in the Coombes area. Many people living in combes visit this spot and enjoy memorable moments.

This site has the elements to offer something unique that helps to attract visitors. The blessings of nature and the fishing facilities established it as an ideal place.

At last, it is possible to say that Passies Pond is a popular fishing destination. It is an ideal place for both beginners and expert anglers.

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