Ashbury Fisheries: A Beautiful Place


A fascinating relationship exists between fishing and the people of the UK. This relationship survives for a long time as it is an island country.

This relationship inspired the people of this country to create many fisheries. Ashbury Fisheries is one of the results of this great relationship.

The blessings of nature and many other facilities make it a unique location. Anglers from the nearby area and many other parts of the country visit this great site.

The location of this fantastic site for catching fish is in the area of Chelmsford. It is a valuable district and a city under the Essex County of the United Kingdom.

More Information About Ashbury Fisheries

A group of anglers operates this fishing site. As anglers, they aim to bring you exclusive fishing at day ticket prices. Anglers can book either the Mere or the Top Lake.

They can visit this area with friends and family and enjoy a weekend. They can also enjoy mid-week sessions or a week in the heart of Essex.

This place is about five minutes off the A12, with plenty of local amenities. Many anglers fit their fishing time into a busy lifestyle and foreign trips.

They also have to fit with expensive syndicates. But sometimes, they fail to find the time according to their need. At Ashbury, they have the answer to this problem.

There is a way to share a lake with friends and family, and it is possible at affordable prices. Anglers do not have to worry about traveling or the angler next to them!

The anglers enjoy their time by angling on the bank in a beautiful place. They visit the site and try to catch big UK heritage carp!

The authority is passionate about improving and managing the lakes. They have dedicated themselves to the work that helps them to reach their full potential.

Ashbury Fisheries
This fish species is available in Ashbury Fisheries. Rob Hille, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

These reservoirs are a valuable part of the carp heritage of Essex and have a track record for producing 50 lb carp.

The authority has invested in their water reservoirs for the future. They have made the lake a shelter for the different species of fish. They have also taken spawn from the Mere.

They are now growing them to keep the heritage and legacy of fish like Hendrix. The owners of Ashbury Fisheries run these lakes for three years.

The feedback they receive from the groups who visit makes all the hard work worthwhile. They also run a small Syndicate alongside the exclusives. They don’t like to book every session out.

It is because they believe that the lakes should have a certain amount of rest for reproduction. This rest plays a vital role in the well-being of the lakes and the fish.

It also helps the younger fish thrive and grow to their future potential. It seems to be working with many fish so far in both lakes.

The Mere

The total area of this fishing venue is 9 acres, and ten swims are available. It is possible to book up to 9 anglers for this place.

But the authority tells book up this venue for 7/8 anglers. A unique and majestic intimate venue is available and holds a certain aura about it.

It offers stunning views of the surroundings with an addictive atmosphere. Every swim offers the chance to catch fish from under the rod tip to the far margin.

It gives anglers the feeling of being able to catch carp from all around the lake, whether it’s spring or winter.

Depths to 20 feet, it provides a variety of angling approaches and tactics. It has a stock of around 120 carp, including 20 old heritage carp over 30 lb.

Top Lake

The total area of this lake is six acres, and it has eight swims. There are facilities for six anglers to catch fish, but the authority suggests 4/5.

It is a beautiful, mature tree and reed-lined lake. It features hallows at the northeast corner and depths of under 20 feet in the middle of the reservoir.

It offers comfortable fishing and the ability to be sociable at the same time. There are several swims that you can double up if you want. It is the home of around 120 carp.


It is an ideal venue for carp anglers looking for a challenging and rewarding experience. The owners perfectly maintain this lake and offer a variety of fishing options.

This fishing venue is famous for its friendly atmosphere. But an important fact is that it can be expensive. It is also difficult for anyone to get the bookings.

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