Hillside Fishery: Amazing Facts to Know


Fishing is a popular hobby of many people living in a beautiful country named the UK. There are many reasons for becoming it is a great hobby.

A large number of people living in England know the benefit of fishing. They know fishing increases concentration, so they visit sites like Hillside Fishery.

It is hard to find anyone in this European country who does not have any interest in angling. Some people enjoy great moments often with family and friends in the fishery.

It is a medium of entertainment and provides a great touch of nature. It helps to create a special bond between nature and human beings, without any doubt.

The location of this fantastic venue of fishing is in an area outside Burnley. It is a town and the administrative center of the wider Borough of Burnley in Lancashire.

More Information About Hillside Fishery

It is a well-known fishing site, and many people in the nearby area love this place. There are five lakes available on this fantastic site for catching fish.

Three of these lakes are old, and authority dugs two of the new lakes. The name of these two lakes is Bert’s Pool and The Doughnut Pool.

Authority designed these to make them ideal for fishing. There are many notable facilities available that ensure a peaceful and relaxing environment.

An ideal environment can give great pleasure in fishing, without any doubt. A notable facility is a large car park near the ponds, making the site accessible.

Another mentionable facility is that the fishing site has site toilet facilities. The people who manage this property are good, according to many anglers.

They try their best to fulfill the demand of the anglers who visit this site for fishing. There is no doubt that this spot for catching fish has many things that can attract many people.

Lakes of This Fishing Site

It is a place that has some great blessings of natural beauty. It is a fishing complex consisting of five Fantastic individual lakes.

These are Doughnut and Bankside, Hawthorne, Pad Lake, and Bert’s Pool. A notable water reservoir in this place is the Bankside Reservoir.

The total size of this fishing venue is one and a half acres. The present owner built a permanent island in the middle of this pond.

It allows each angler to have a nice feature to fish to. It is a picturesque island that amazes the people who visit. There are overhanging trees with Lily pads and rushes.

Hawthorne is the most established and largest pond in the complex. There are bivvy pegs available on this lake, and the biggest fish caught to date is a 23lb carp.

Hillside Fishery
A small lake in the Hillside Fishery. © Copyright Chris Heaton and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Pad Lake is one of the new lakes of this fishery, and it is the latest and greatest addition to the specimen carp waters. Authority opened it in June 2016.

They have also extended it and dug out new bivvy pegs. They stocked it earlier in 2016 with the fish stock from Pendle View Fisheries.

The water comprises 12 pegs with many double pegs. It is around three acres in size, with depths from 3 to 25ft in part. All the pegs have a layer of stone than wood chips and are accessible.

Bert’s Pool gives shelter to many monster catfish populations. This fantastic fishing venue also holds a good head of carp to 28lb.

Rules and Regulations of This Site

There are some rules and regulations that every angler must try to follow when there is on this site. The property owners expect fishermen to behave appropriately at all times.

They expect fishermen to treat the fish with respect and handle them with care. This site reserves the right to eject fishermen if their behavior is inappropriate.

Another valuable piece of information is this site allows the consumption of alcohol. If anyone behaves roughly under the influence will face a ban from the fishery.


These are the notable facts that every angler must know when they want to visit. It will help them with the best preparation for fishing in Hillside Fishery.

There are many beautiful things to explore in the surrounding areas of this fishing spot. It is a good chance for an angler to catch fish and explore the surrounding nature.

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