Latchetts Lakes: Amazing Facts to Know


The island country of Europe, named the United Kingdom, is a country of lakes and rivers. Hundreds of lakes are available in the different parts of this country.

Latchetts Lakes is one of these and serves as a great fishing venue for many people. Hundreds of people visit this place to enjoy some great moments by catching fish.

This fishery has the blessings of natural beauty that attracts many people. An angler can explore many things in this area besides catching fish.

This fantastic fishing site is in the area of Uckfield. It is a notable town in the Wealden District of East Sussex in South East England. There are many things to do here, without any question.

More Information About Latchetts Lakes

A strong bond exists between the people of the United Kingdom and fishing. This fishery plays a vital role in making this bond more strong.

It has all the elements which are necessary for giving a memorable experience. Many anglers have expertise in catching fish in this fishery, and they praise it.

A large number of people in the United Kingdom pass a life that is full of work. They find some great places to relax from their busy life.

The natural beauty and chance of catching fish make this place ideal for them. This place has every element to enjoy some great moments with fishing.

The former name of it is Tanyard Fisheries, and it was famous among the people in this name. It has 30 years of well-known records of being a favorite destination for anglers.

It was a favorite destination for amateur or professional anglers, without any question. Another notable fact is that it holds the current British record for pumpkin seed!

The lakes are available for 24 hr fishing, but authorities lock gates for security at night. They open the gates at 7 am and close at 7 pm sharp.

If anglers want to night fish, they must be on the spot between these times. A dedicated group of Ballif works in this fishing venue 24 hr for the anglers.

Latchetts Lakes
Grass Carp is available in Latchetts Lakes. মৌচুমীCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The fishery manager also operates 24 hrs a day. They work to ensure a pleasant and relaxing angling experience for all who visit here.

There are electric automatic gates along with complete area CCTV available. These devices play a vital role in ensuring safety and peace of mind.

It offers male and female toilets on site, which the staff clean daily. They have washing-up facilities available located behind the toilets for all general purposes.

It helps clean different types of cooking materials. If you venture out with family members, there are local amenities available. It offers the best Gelato and sweet treats in the country.

It also provides camping facilities at Heaven Farm. A Coach and Horses are available a mile up the road offering good pub food and a pub garden.

Coarse Lakes

Four coarse lakes are available on this site. The first one is the smallest in the complex. It has a large stock of crucians, tench, roach, and Rudd.

There is a lovely spot for crucian Hunters and Novices. The second lake is in the fishery with a central island and sunken tree holding carp to 23 lb.

Some catfish to 50lb with a mixture of Koi, Ghost, and grass carp are also available there. The third reservoir is home to similar types of fish, like Lake 2.

It is a fantastic feature pool with a nice variation in depth. The fourth pool is a little gem with some cracking specimens beneath its waters.

The Bream and Tench of this fishery run to 8 lbs. But goldfish run to 6 and koi over 10 lbs. There is no doubt that it is a Carp free lake.

Fishery Rules

There are few fishery rules to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time at Latchetts Lakes. These rules help to protect the environment, fish, and all the anglers.

  • This site does not allow any dogs here. So anglers should not bring any dogs with them.
  • It does not allow any fires or ground bbqs in its area.
  • An angler can use 3 rods.
  • Authority allows barbless hooks only.
  • Anglers should take photographs of the fish at low heights and return to the water.
  • There is not any system of reservation for the swims, first come, first served.
  • The lakes are private property. If anyone is visible to be causing disturbance or offense, the authority will ask them to leave.


These are the notable facts that are necessary to know for every angler. The main benefit of knowing this fact is that it will help you with preparation.

Latchetts Lakes will be the best option if you want to catch fish. It is an ideal place for catching a variety of fish and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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