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If you ask me about a mentionable fact about the people of the United Kingdom, I will tell fishing. People of this island country have a strong love for fishing.

Hundreds of fisheries and lakes exist in this European country for this love. Creedy Lakes is a fishing venue in the UK.

It is also the result of this love. People of this island country consider this as one of their hobbies. They turned their hobby into a big sport.

They have made fishing the big participant sport in the United Kingdom. This fishing venue is in the area of Crediton.

It is a town and civil parish in the Mid Devon district of Devon in the UK. The location of this site to catch fish is beautiful, without any question.

More Information About Creedy Lakes

This fishing site is one of the ideal places for catching fish in the district of Devon, without any question. This fishing site is in peaceful and picturesque surroundings.

The offering of this site is perfect and attracts many people from different parts of the UK. Many anglers have experience catching fish in this venue.

They praised this site. There are many reasons for this praise, without any doubt. One of the reasons is that two 18th-century spring-fed water reservoirs are available.

Creedy Lakes: A Wonderful Place
Mirror Carp is available in Creedy Lakes. USFWS Mountain-PrairieCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These water reservoirs offer some of the hardest fighting carp fishing in Devon. Many species are available in these water reservoirs, including commons, mirrors, and koi carp.

Some green and golden tench are also available at this fishing site. These fish make it one of the best big fish day and night ticket water venues in the Southwest.

It is an ideal fishing spot in the southeast region of the United Kingdom. Many anglers travel some distance often to visit this fishing spot.

Lakes of This Fishery

There are two major lakes of this fishing site in Devon. The name of these lakes is the main and the top lake. These lakes shelter a large amount of fish.

The Main Lake

The total area of this fantastic fishing venue is about four point five acres. It shelters many common carp fish. This venue is challenging for the more experienced angler.

36 lbs is the highest carp record of this site. It has an excellent stock of 20 pounders. There is also mid-upper double-figure carp with a sprinkling of 30-pounders.

There are also some plump tench to over 7l bs 8oz available. Some golden tench and a few eels to 8 lbs are also available there. This reservoir is triangular, with depths ranging from 3 —11ft.

There are two corner islands plus a central island with willow and shrubs. The first swim of the right-hand bank is ideal for wheelchair users. It is possible to book in advance by telephone.

There is fine gravel-level path access all around this fishing site. The authority adorned this path with established tree screening between swims.

The Top Lake

If you ask about the best fishing venue for the new angler, I will suggest it. The total area of this venue is about two acres.

It has a good stock of the smaller, without any question. A large part of the stock of fish that exists here is single and low double-figure specimens.

But this fishing site also shelters some common and mirror carp. This water reservoir is oval with a central island.

A gravel bar is available in the venue in the deeper section. There is also a lily pad area towards the shallower water depths.

Rules of This Fishery

Like many other fisheries, Creedy Lakes has some valuable rules. Everyone must try to follow these rules to maintain a beautiful environment.

  • Everyone should buy all tickets in advance and pay in full online.
  • Anglers are reserving a space in this area, not a specific swim.
  • Tickets are not transferable, and one ticket is valid per angler.
  • The authority does not allow any reservation of the swims.
  • Anglers should return all the fish to the lake by net or sling as soon as possible, never by hand.
  • Removal of any fish off-site will result in prosecution.
  • This venue does not allow dogs.
  • Children under 16 must visit with an adult person.


It is a top-notch carp fishing venue in the Crediton area under the Devon district of the United Kingdom. It is home to a variety of carp fish, without any doubt.

Many people want a challenging experience of angling. This spot for catching fish is an ideal option for them, without any question.

The staff who work here are so friendly according to the anglers. They always remain ready to fulfill the demand of the anglers who visit here.

Creedy Lakes can offer memorable moments to the residents of the Devon district. Many people in this district of England know about this place.

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