Hintlesham Fisheries: An Amazing Place


Hintlesham Fisheries is a place where many people visit to catch fish. Thousands of fishing sites are available in the European country of the UK.

It proves that the people of Great Britain love to catch fish. Fishing become one of the largest sports in this country.

It is nothing but the result of this love of the British people. This fishery is in the area of a village named Burstall.

It is a village and civil parish under Suffolk County in the east of England. There are many things to know about this fishery in Burstall village.

There is no doubt that nature has blessed this magnificent village with its beauty. Many people of the Burstall visit this place and enjoy a good time with family and friends.

It is an ideal place that helps to remove the stress of daily busy life, without any doubt. It supports the people of this village to increase their concentration through fishing.

More Information About Hintlesham Fisheries

The location of this fishing site is in a picturesque place of Suffolk County, without any doubt. An angler can explore many things here in the time of catching fish.

Fishing is not the only medium of enjoying good times here, but nature also offers good times. It is an ideal place for an angler to enjoy fishing in a beautiful place.

Many professional and new anglers visit this place to take a great experience. This site does not frustrate anyone who visits to enjoy fishing in the natural beauty.

This fishing spot is a small family-run fishery. There are four lakes available in total. These lakes have various species of fish that the people who visit here love to catch.

The name of the lake of this fishing venue is Specimen Lake. There is no doubt that it is one of the major lakes of this place. It has more than 250 fish.

The weight of the biggest fish on this site is about 35.8 lb. It is a mirror carp. This reservoir has five residents that are over 30 lbs. It also has over 30 carp that weigh 30 lbs.

The name of the other lake of this fishing venue is The Traditional Lake. It is also an important reservoir, without any doubt. It holds a large stock as well, like other lakes.

Hintlesham Fisheries
Roach is available in Hintlesham Fisheries. Karelj, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The stocks include 20 carp to 24 lbs, tench to 10 lbs., rudd to 2 lbs., and roach. It is a popular venue for all-around fishing, without any question.

The third important lake of this venue is Predator Lake. It is famous for its large amount of catfish stock. The average weight of catfish in this reservoir is between 30 and 40 lbs.

But the biggest one can go up to 70 lbs. This reservoir is also home to pike to 25 lbs. and carp to 27 lbs. It has every element to give a wonderful fishing experience.

The name of the fourth lake of the Hintlesham Fishery is Match Lake. It is home to hard-fighting C3 carp and tench to 10 lbs.

Anglers caught the best carp, which was over 20 lbs. This spot has good parking facilities, without any doubt.

If anglers visit this place by car, they do not have to think about the parking. Authority builds a perfect space for the vehicle of the visitors.


These are the necessary information that a visitor should know before visiting here. Knowledge about the site of catching fish can help the visitor with the best preparation.

The natural beauty and many other facilities have made it a perfect location for fishing. There are many things to explore, and visitors visit to explore.

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