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A fantastic relationship exists between the people of Great Britain and the fishing. The great proof of this relationship is the existence of many lakes and fisheries.

Millbrook Fisheries is a place that also helps to prove this great relationship. It is a famous place among many people, and many of them love it.

Many people find some great moments in the touch nature, without any doubt. A fishing site is a place that both provides the touch of nature and the experience of fishing.

The fisheries in any part of the United Kingdom have a blessed nature. These divine blessings have enormous power to attract many people.

Fishing is a hobby for many people who live in this European country. This hobby of the people has many benefits. The benefit is it helps to increase concentration.

More Information About Millbrook Fisheries

Fishing on a beautiful site can give another level of experience to the anglers. The majority of anglers want a peaceful and relaxing environment for catching fish.

It is a magnificent venue set in the grounds of 8.4 acres, with the lake being 4.5 acres. It is secure both for anglers and the bio-security of the stock.

There are CCTV, clean swims, toilet and shower facilities available. This sile also has electrical points in the office to charge phones etc.

The lake is in the majestic village of Wetley Rocks in Staffordshire. It has a stunning reservoir, but its fish are great too. It is a family-run business, and the opening date is September 2015.

It is home to around 200 hand-picked carp, with between 160 -180 of these now being over the magical 20lb bracket.

Millbrook Fisheries: A Wonderful Place
Carp fish is available in Millbrook. Guitardude012CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The authority created a top-class carp fishery right here in the heart of the Midlands. They look forward to seeing you all on the banks of this tranquil venue very soon.

The owners of this property looked for a lake or land for around two years. They aimed for a specimen carp fishery in the Stoke-on-Trent/ Staffordshire area.

They acquired a lake in September 2011, which was famous as Millpool, and had all types of coarse fish. They had the fishery netted and removed the fish in October 2011.

The work of turning Millpool match fishery into a 12-peg specimen carp fishery started. The owners renamed this site as Millbrook Fisheries.

They stocked the reservoirs of this site in 2013/14/ and 2015 with over 200 fish. They brought the fish from Mark Simmonds/fishers pond strain ranging from 8lb to 29lb.

The authority of this site has high hope for the quality of fish. They hope it will go from strength to strength and give an enjoyable experience.

Fishing Rules

The authority of this property has set up some rules to ensure a good environment. Everyone should try to follow these rules without any questions.

  • This site does not allow anyone under 16 years of age.
  • They allow only two rods.
  • They provide one peg for one person.
  • They do not allow to leave the fishery after locking the gate.
  • Staff will check the rigs will check. If anyone fails to follow these rules, he will face a ban from the fishery.
  • No one should take any fish away from the lake.
  • The authority will not tolerate any antisocial behavior. Please keep noise at a low level at all times.
  • Always respect your fellow anglers.


These are information about the Millbrook Fishery that everyone should know before the visit. This information is enough for the best preparation.

The owners and staff of this fishing venue are so good, according to many anglers. They have a high hope for their work and try to provide the best service to the people.

A peaceful and relaxing venue offers an angler to enjoy a great time. The authority of this property tries to ensure it by some good rules.

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