Bromeswell Lakes: An Amazing Place


Thousands of lakes, rivers, and ponds are available in the United Kingdom. Most of these lakes, rivers, and ponds are so beautiful, without any doubt.

There are beautiful lakes in the area of Woodbridge in the United Kingdom. People of Woodbridge know these water reservoirs as the Bromeswell Lakes.

There are many things to know and explore about these reservoirs in Bromeswell. This fishing spot can offer some good moments to the anglers.

Many anglers of Woodbridge and other parts of east Suffolk visit this place for fishing. There is no doubt that it is an ideal spot to catch fish.

More Information About Bromeswell Lakes

Two lakes are available at Bromeswell. These reservoirs of the area of Woodbridge are ideal for catching fish, without any doubt.

The natural beauty of the surroundings and many other things made it attractive. If anglers want to catch fish in this place, day tickets for catching fish are available.

The authority of this property sells day tickets on the bank by the bailiff who calls around during the day. The name of the large reservoir of this spot is Horseshoe Lake.

The total area of it is around 2 acres. It is an irregular shape and also resembles a “Horseshoe”! The reservoir contains a mixture of fish species.

These species are roach, rudd, bream, tench, perch, eels, and carp. The name of the smaller reservoir of this site is Willow Lake.

The total area of it is one acre. It has a large Willow tree on the bank. You can call it a unique feature! It contains roach, rudd, bream, tench, perch, eels, and carp.

The authority of this fishing site set many rules. Almost every fishery that exists in the UK has rules. These rules help to provide an ideal environment for the anglers.

This site for catching fish has some valuable rules like other fisheries. The reason for setting up these rules is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves on this site.

Bromeswell Lakes
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Another important reason is that these rules help to protect all types of fish. It also provides the respect that the fish living here deserve.

One of the rules of this fishery is that it does not allow any breakaway leads. Other rules are anglers may use one hook per rod.

The authority requests anglers to use freshwater tackle, not beach casters or boat rods. They also suggest anglers use sensible size leads in this spot.

Catching fish is one of the largest participating sports in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons for loving this activity, but the main reason is it helps to raise concentration.

Many people want to arrange a match, hire a lake with friends, and organize a company day. This site is a perfect place to fulfill their goal.

The facilities of this place are enough to arrange many events with family and friends. The authority is always ready to help if anyone wants to organize anything on this site.


These are the valuable information that an angler should know before visiting here. This information is enough to help an angler for taking the best preparation.

It is a mentionable place in Woodbridge where many people love to spend time. This site has the power to relax busy minds without any questions.

Many things play a vital role in attracting people to Bromeswell Lakes. Natural beauty is one of the main things that attracts people to this great spot.

This site in Woodbridge is not only good for fishing but also good for enjoying a great time. If you live near this place, you can visit this place without any questions.

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