Hartley Lands Fishery: Where Great Fishing Tales Begin


Hartley Lands Fishery is a fishing venue in Cranbrook, Kent, where you can buy a ticket for the day. It has six lakes and one pond. Each water reservoir in this area is unique.

The management made the lakes special to accommodate most anglers. Whether you want to catch big fish or enjoy bite alarms with doubles, this site has it all.

If you prefer to sit and wait for many large fishes, it has that too. Hartley Lands takes care of the lakes to provide the best fishing experience.

More Information About Hartley Lands Fishery

Bramley is a water reservoir with 12 swims. Only eight anglers can fish there at once. You can catch fish at night. This pool has big Carp fish that weigh up to 38 pounds or more.

It is ideal for both short and big fishing trips. You can fish there from Monday to Sunday. Nick’s Specimen water has 17 swims. And it allows most of the ten anglers.

You can use this venue at night. It is home to large Carp fish weighing up to 36lb+. Nick’s is now open for individual bookings from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.

The cost is £800. You can book the pond from Monday to Friday at no extra cost. You will get a 42″ net, a padded mat, and a sling during fishing at Nick’s Pond.

The Pear Tree Specimen reservoir has eight swims and allows up to 6 anglers. You can fish at night. It has big Carp fish up to 30lb+, so it’s great for short and longer fishing trips.

Hartley Lands Fishery
Tench is available in the Hartley Lands. Bernard DUPONT from FRANCECC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s open from Monday to Sunday. Henniker is a peaceful pond with two swims where you can fish at night. It has ten beautiful carp fish weighing 20lb and over 30lb.

Trees surround the pond, making it perfect for stalking or enjoying a quiet long session. The stock of this reservoir consists of many Carp fish.

It has 18 swims and allows night fishing, but only eight anglers at a time. Carp fish are up to 30lb+, Bream up to 7lb, Perch up to 3lb, Tench up to 9lb, Roach up to 2lb, and Rudd.

Finch is a pond for anglers who like catching different fish. It has lily pads, reeds, and trees. Tench, Bream, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Carp, Orfe, and Koi Carp are available.

Samson is a 20-acre pond filled with carp weighing up to 9 pounds or more. It is perfect for beginners or those who want to enjoy a day of fishing.

Bramley Lake

Bramley is a challenging pond for anglers who want more of a challenge. It has 120 pristine carp, ranging from 10lb to 38lb+. There are also ten Carp available over 30lb.

Bramley is perfect for anglers who want to catch beautiful fish, whether they stay for a short or long time. It has 12 large gravel swims, but only eight people can fish at a time.

Nicks Lake

Nick’s is another Carp pond that is easier than Bramley’s. It’s perfect if you want to catch fish or something special. The sheltered water has a carpet appearance.

It has reed beds and overhanging willows. There are 240 beautiful carp in the water, ranging from 7 to 36lb+, with six fish weighing over 30lb.

Pear Tree Lake

The authority turned Pear Tree into a lake with fish and three islands surrounded by trees. It has curly leaf weed along the edges and in some areas in the middle.

You can place baits in the weed or on the edges. The fish like the weed because it has food and protection. If you see them in the weed, cast your fishing rod toward them.

Henniker Pond

Henniker is a beautiful, peaceful pond perfect for fishing. It has ten big Carp ranging from 20lb to 34lb+. Trees shelter the pond.

It has two spacious swims where anglers can get a comfortable experience. They can catch many fishes in different spots like lily pads, reed beds, trees, and shelves near the edge.

Reservoir Lake

Local anglers know this water is very productive, especially in warmer months. It also fishes well in winter due to its greater depths.

The Reservoir now has large gravel swims and a gravel path around the entire lake. The Reservoir has many Carp, weighing between 3lb and 30lb+.

Finches Lake

Finch is a secluded gem with many species for anglers who want to catch something other than carp.

Finches inhabit trees, and reed beds and lilies are present. It has Tench up to 7lb+, a big Perch, Roach, Bream, Skimmers, Crucian Carp, and Koi.

Samson Lake

This lake has 20 pegs and is ideal for pleasure anglers and beginners. Reed beds and overhanging trees line it. The lake holds carp up to 9 pounds or more.


Hartley Lands in Cranbrook, Kent, is an ideal fishing spot in the United Kingdom. You can easily buy a day ticket here and enjoy a good time.

It features six lakes and one pond. Each lake in this area is unique and provides good experiences for fishermen, without any doubt.

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