Lucks Lane Fishery: A Great Journey into Angling Excellence


If you live in the Tonbridge area of the United Kingdom, you may know about many sites for catching fish.

People living in this area are fish lover, so fishing sites like Lucks Lane Fishery exists in the area. Many of the fishing sites that exist in Tonbridge are fantastic.

These sites are fantastic as they have a touch of natural beauty. Green nature exists in almost every fishery and attracts people from different areas.

Anglers who visit here often take the chance of the exploration of its surrounding area. It gives them some great experience, without any doubt.

More Information About Lucks Lane Fishery

Lucks Lakes Fishery was once called Lucks Lane Lake. It has three lakes: Match carp, silver, and Specimen. The fishing spot is in Paddock Wood countryside and requires a day ticket.

The lakes are small but have big fish like carp and catfish up to 35lb. They also have tench up to 4lb 4oz, small roach, rudd up to 1lb, and sometimes eels up to 3lb.

Lucks Lakes Fishery has a stocked bait shop on site. The Billies Cafe is located on-site. When you try one of Billies’ 1/2 lb burgers, I’m sure you will get pleasure.

Lucks Lakes Fishery offers fresh food and lodges in the beautiful Kent countryside. When you get here, the skilled work that went into building this lodge will amaze you.

In this fishing spot, there are many good facilities for anglers. Anglers visit this spot to catch fish from the different parts of the United Kingdom.

These types of basic facilities help them to enjoy a memorable time here. The facilities include a cafe with many foods and good parking space.

Many anglers visit here by car. This parking space is ideal for them. There are also good toilets and a tackle fishing shop available. The authority allows night fishing on this site.

To get to Paddock Wood from Hastings, drive on the A21 for 3 miles. At the roundabout before the dual carriageway, turn right towards Paddock Wood.

The signpost at the roundabout says Frant Station on the left, A21 ahead, and Paddock Wood on the right. Follow this road (B2160) through Matfield into Paddock Wood.

Keep following this road past the petrol station, over the railway bridge. Turn right onto Lucks Lane. Follow the narrow lane for 1 mile.

Lucks Lane Fishery
Tench is available in this venue of Tonbridge. DezidorCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cross a railway, then turn right at the sharp corner. The entrance of this site is on the right, near a small building with a white roof and wire fencing.

There are some small signposts and a gate entrance with some apple orchards. Follow the track for about 50 meters until you reach the car park and trailer.

To get to Paddock Wood from Sevenoaks, take the A21 road. At the end of the dual carriageway, you’ll reach a roundabout. Go left at that point.

Follow the signpost for Frant Station on the right, A21 straight ahead, and Paddock Wood on the left. Follow this road (B2160) through Matfield into Paddock Wood.

Keep following this road past the petrol station, over the railway bridge. Turn right onto Lucks Lane, which is the second right. Drive along the narrow lane for approximately 1 mile.

You will cross a railway and find the entrance to this fascinating site on the right. Look for a small building with a white roof and wire fencing across from it.

Match Carp Lake – A one-acre square-shaped lake set in the picturesque Kent countryside. It has 23 swims with carp up to 15 lb.

Specimen Lake – It is a beautiful tranquil lake in the Kent countryside. It has six swims boasting carp and catfish up to 35 lb.

Silver Lake – It is the newest lake in this venue of Tonbridge. It has ten types of fish, including Breem, Cruzeon Carp, Rudd, Roach, and Tench.

Anglers can enjoy fantastic sports and a peaceful atmosphere here. Many anglers love to catch fish in this unique venue.


This venue of Tonbridge is always ready to offer some memorable moments. This venue can help anyone who visits here to relax and focus better.

Fishing has many mentionable benefits. It supports anglers to intake of Vitamin D without any doubt. This fishing spot guarantees anyone can catch fish and get all the good benefits.

A hard-working and expert group of people work on this fascinating site. They try their best to ensure high-quality service to the anglers.

They help anglers with any fishing activity by offering various types of support. Many things are available to explore in this venue for catching fish in Tonbridge.

Kent is one of the most majestic counties in the United Kingdom, without any doubt. This County has many great lakes and fishing spots for fun and entertainment.

There are many things to explore in this part of the United Kingdom. If you live near this site of Tonbridge, you can visit to explore its beautiful offerings.

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