Cefn Mably Fishing Lakes: A Great Place To Create Memories


Cefn Mably Fishing Lakes is a holiday and fishing complex in the Welsh countryside. The location is between Newport and Cardiff and only 10 minutes from Jct 28 on the M4.

There are eight lakes, including 3 for carp fishing and 5 with lakeside lodges. Visitors can also visit the Cardiff Angling Centre, the on-site tackle shop. It has all the major fishing brands.

There is also an on-site shop you will get hot and cold drinks, snacks, and refreshments. Take some time to see the lakes and facilities. The authority hopes to see you fishing soon!

The Cefn Mably Fishing Lodges Lake

The authority calls its flagship Specimen Pond the Lodge Lake. It is just under 5 acres in size and has 12 spacious swims.

Each swim is a clean, spacious area with different and unique features. It has been well stocked with fish by caretakers, resulting in great catches.

In 2009, the fisheries put 100 Carp in the pond, weighing between 12 and 24lb. Then, in 2011, they added 40 C4 fish from Simmo, 50 growing fish, and 50 of our stock.

Cefn Mably Fishing Lakes
Carp is available in the Cefn Mably Lakes. MariomassoneCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition, the management stocked 20 fish weighing 20 pounds each in 2013. They added another 20 Carp weighing between 17 and 20 pounds this Winter.

There are more than sixty twenties and two hundred and fifty high doubles. Over fifteen of these fish have grown to over thirty pounds.

The lodge pond currently has one hundred and seventy-five fish over thirty pounds. The pond record is thirty-nine pounds.

The Spring Pond

The Spring Pond is a unique lake with luxury cabins. The Osprey & Kingfisher cabins are the only ones where you can fish.

The fish in the lake are different sizes, but the carp are between 8 and 30 pounds. There are many carp that weigh over 20 pounds.

The lake has two cabins for fishing. The water is 3 ft deep in front of each and 10 ft deep on the far bank. When both occupy the lake, they divide it into two parts.

The Carp pond

The Carp pond is 25 years old. It has become a beautiful lake. It is about 1.5 acres. The depth ranges from 2′ to 9′ at its deepest point. In 1993, the authority renovated the Carp pond.

And the pond has matured beautifully. Over time, the shallows grew, the banks eroded, and the platforms fell apart. The recent work fixed everything.

Now there are three big pegs, two double pegs, and one single peg. A gravel path connects them, and they are closer to the water. Each peg offers something unique.

You can use these pegs to attach a bivvy to the gravel area. Each peg provides a dry and clean space for you and your equipment.

This site has pods on pegs 1 and 2, and it offers the whole lake with pods and four fishing for £110. In recent years, Carp Lake has changed from a rough lake to a place for unique fish.

Every other year, the authority catch small fish and replace them with bigger ones. The Carp pond has a gate that needs a key code. Anglers get the code when they pay and book in. It helps everyone enjoy peace.

The Horseshoe pond

The authority recently renovated the lake. Someone built it in 1993, and it has aged well. Over time, the shallow areas got covered in plants, the banks wore away, and the platforms fell apart.

The recent work fixed everything. Now, eight big pegs have a connection with a gravel path. Each peg is closer to the water and offers something unique.

You can put the bivvy on the gravel using these pegs. They keep you and your equipment dry and clean. Pegs 5 & 8 have pods.

In the past few years, the horseshoe lake has changed from rough to becoming a lake for specimen runs.

The authority catches silverfish and small carp from the lake every year. The management replaces it with larger doubles and fish weighing 20lb or more.

Anglers must have a key code to access the Horseshoe pond. The management gives it to anglers who pay and book in advance. It ensures peace for all anglers.


If you want to visit the Cefn Mably Lodges, you can enjoy a peaceful fishing experience. The people who work there are very good and perform their duty with dedication.

This site has everything anglers need. It offers peaceful fishing that attracts many people from the United Kingdom without any doubt.

Cefn Mably Lodges is the venue that always provides a good experience. The lakes here are great for fishing and give a fantastic experience.

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