Dandys Ford Fishery: An Amazing Fishing Paradise


The owners planned and constructed Dandys Ford in a lovely area with many animals. At the lakes, you can see kingfishers catching fish.

You can also see deer grazing and dragonflies gliding over the water. The facilities of this site are of a high standard, without any doubt.

The lodge/tea room is a cozy barn-like building that welcomes you warmly. It offers homemade light meals, teas, coffee, and cakes.

Before a calm day of fishing, the fishermen can enjoy a homemade English breakfast. Guests can enjoy a tasty drink on the patio while admiring the serene lakes.

It offers group bookings with breakfast before fishing. Afterward, enjoy tea and homemade cakes to celebrate a successful catch.

Site facilities

There are three lovely fishing lakes, without any doubt. Most swims have ideal access for disabled people. Every angler can catch many fish, including carp over 20lb.

It can cater for matches, so please call to make arrangements. This venue has clean restrooms for both men and women, including accessible facilities.

The area is completely safe for everyone. There are vacation rentals available, and we always greet you warmly.

Lodge Lake – 23 pegs

Lodge Lake has 23 platforms and many different kinds of fish. The carp are good for fishing. This lake has many big fish. It has Bream, Perch, Roach, Crucians, and Barbel.

Calvert Lake (The Match Lake) – 28 pegs

This beautiful lake has 28 spots for match and pleasure fishing. It is usable by local angling clubs for their matches.

The lake has many kinds of fish, like carp, crucians, silvers, bream, chub, and tench. Andy Hayden holds the record for the highest daily catch, weighing 297.4 lbs.

Kingsfishers Canal – 10 pegs

The canal replica is perfect for small matches or corporate outings. It has Carp, Barbel, Roach, Crucians, Bream, Tench (gold and green), and Chubb.

Dandys Ford Fishery Rules

Visitors must care about the fish and the environment when buying day tickets. This responsibility applies to everyone, not just the anglers.

Anglers should not use keepnets, boilies, cat or dog food, or floating baits. They should also avoid using bolt rigs or semi-fixed rigs.

It only allows barbless hooks. Additionally, anglers should not use floating poles. Anglers must remember to use unhooking mats.

Dandys Ford Fishery
It is a symbolic image but is similar to Dandy. Photo by david Griffiths on Unsplash

Please note that radios are not allowed. The EA requires all anglers to have a Fishing Licence. Kindly use the toilets provided in the lodge.

Remember to dispose of your rubbish in the bins that the authority provided. Anglers should be aware that dogs are not allowed around the area of lakes.


People over 60 can play matches on a rotating basis every other week. It held many sports on the second Wednesday at Calvert Lake and Canal Lake.

Anglers are regularly catching 100lb weights and having fun. It is a friendly atmosphere, so join the community and have a laugh.

The first-holiday lodge

Dandy’s Ford Fishery plans to post pictures and info about the new holiday lodge. It’s progressing nicely, as you can see. The new holiday lodge thrills Dandy’s Ford Fishery.

The authorities want the countryside to be a site for families and friends. The lodge also offers fishing holidays with exclusive access to the lakes.


It is the information necessary to know about this site to catch fish named Dandy Ford Fisheries. Many famous anglers praise this site to catch fish as a fantastic venue.

There are many things to explore in this relaxing and peaceful venue to catch fish. Any nature-loving angler will find this place ideal for catching fish.

The people who manage dandy ford fisheries are good and expert in catching fish. These people try their best to amaze everyone who visits this venue.

If you want to spend some good time in the touch of nature, you can visit Dandy Fishery. It is not going to frustrate you, without any doubt.

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