Whinwhistle Coarse Fishery: A Great Fishing Venue


Whinwhistle Coarse Fishery lakes exist in a beautiful, mature area of Hampshire. The lakes have many plants and islands. Animals hide there, and fish swim to the islands.

The lakes have many types of fish, like Pike, Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, and Perch. The Perch can weigh over 4 pounds!

The renowned River Blackwater has a fantastic 1-mile stretch for river fishing. You can catch Big Roach, Brownies, Bream, and Grayling here.

Sea Trout are also known to run through this part of the Blackwater, making it a great place to fish for a whole day. Anyone can learn about coarse fishing at Whinwhistle Fishery.

Shearwater Lake in Whinwhistle Fishery

You can only fish on this lake if you have a reservation. There are unique places for VIPs and people with caravans or motorhomes.

The fish species are carp, ice, roach, perch, pike, and bream. The biggest catch was an 11lb common carp and a 1lb 8oz perch. To get a ticket, you need to request one.

Keepers Lake

The lake is now a beautiful place to fish. You can book it for matches; it has 26 pegs. This site uses aerators. This lake is perfect for winter fishing to prevent the lake from freezing in winter.

The winter league series takes place here. There is a clubhouse where fishermen and guests can unwind next to Keepers Lake. They can also enjoy lunch, tea, and coffee.

The Rail

Anglers made the Rail to create a canal-like fishing experience. You can reserve 15 pegs for matches or groups without any doubt.

The fish include Crucian, Tench, Gudgeon, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream, and Pike. Pike are seasonal. The largest recorded catch is a 19lb Carp. The ticket type available is Standard.

The Islands Specimen Lake

Anglers who want to catch Big Carp can use the lake. It has many Carp weighing over 30lbs. Night fishing is popular there.

Anglers must go to Romsey Bait & Tackle shop for a ticket before fishing. You can use it to catch several types of fish, like the Crucian, Common, Mirror, Bream, and Pike.

However, you can only catch Pike during certain seasons. The ticket is for a standard booking, either for the day or night.

Rules of This Fishery

To go fishing, you need a valid fishing license. If kids are alone, parents are responsible. When you arrive, make sure all landing nets are completely dry.

Keep nets are only allowed on match days. And you will need two of them. For feeder fishing, use a running line instead of a locked one.

On match days at Keepers Lake, you can only use barbless hooks. This site does not allow bolt rigs or Poles longer than 13.5 meters.

Whinwhistle Coarse Fishery
This fish species is available in Whinwhistle. Karelj, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Use fully-sided mats or cradles when unhooking fish on the Specimen Lake. Please use the provided toilet facilities. After fishing, please don’t throw unused bait in the water.

Instead, take it home or empty it into our bait bins. Also, remember to bring home any broken litter and unwanted fishing tackle. This site has a first aid kit available for customers to use.

But this site doesn’t have a qualified first aider. Clubs that book our water must have their public liability insurance. Do not take fish off the premises. Bait boats and dogs are not allowed.


There is no doubt that Whinwhistle is a fantastic site to catch fish. The site does not consider the skill level. This site has licensed National Angling coaches who are experts.

This fishery is in 26 acres of woodland and meadows. It offers fantastic coarse and river fishing near Romsey in Hampshire, without any doubt.

The fisheries are four lakes with fresh water, surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is the perfect place for catching fish without question!

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