Timsbury Fishery: A Fascinating Fishing Haven


Timsbury Fishery is on the Test River, known as one of the best rivers in the world. Some people even compare it to the Amazon, Ganges, and Nile.

You can own a part of the River Test forever by this fishery syndicate. Timsbury welcomes you, whether you come to the river bank to enjoy the countryside or fish.

You can fish with one rod each specified day by owning a share. You can catch fish on a single beat every two weeks during the season. Sometimes, you can bring a guest.

More Information About Timsbury Fishery

This site fish for trout using a dry fly and nymph upstream. You can also catch salmon, and you should release them back into the water. This site customizes tuition to meet your needs.

You will feel happy, confident, and safe while enjoying yourself. You can pick two-hour, half-day, or full-day lessons for fly fishing.

In a full-day lesson, you’ll learn all about fly fishing: the gear, casting, catching fish, and manners. Every class includes safety instructions, equipment rental, and a fishing license.

The magnificent River Test starts in Ash near Basingstoke. It flows through Hampshire countryside and water meadows, ending in Southampton water.

The river is a special place with many hidden treasures. Many generations have cared for the lively ecosystem. Timsbury has four private fishing beats.

Each beat allows two rods and covers 3 miles of the great River Test and carrier streams. The fishing lodge has a patio with seating that overlooks the river.

Anglers can watch the river or relax with others. The facilities include tea and coffee making. Lighting is from solar-charged batteries.

Next to the car park, there is a sink for fish washing and dog cleaning. Members can use the WC and washbasin behind the main hut.

Other huts with tables and chairs are available throughout the fishery. This magnificent site to catch fish is in Timsbury village.

It is on the great River Test, between Romsey and Stockbridge. A private road surrounds it, and there are private water meadows.

Timsbury Fishery
It is not the image of Timsbury but is similar to it. Photo by Matthew Halmshaw on Unsplash

Stockbridge is a busy market town with many great places to stay, eat, and shop. The river flows past and under the city. And it gives fishers many chances to relax while fishing.

Test River is famous for its fishing and beautiful scenery. The chalk water and many weeds make it perfect for salmon, trout, and grayling.

The fantastic River Test starts at Ashe near Basingstoke and ends at Southampton. It flows through 42 miles of Hampshire countryside and water meadows.

The water is clear and full of life. Members can fish for brown trout using dry flies and nymphs. You can catch salmon, but you must return them.

In the winter, they can also fish for grayling and coarse fish. If you own a share in Timsbury Fishery Limited, you can fish with one rod every other week during the season.

There are four areas for fishing. Your rod will fish the whole fishery every eight weeks. The fishing lodge has electricity and running water.

It also has a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and a large outdoor seating area. It overlooks the main river. There are three other huts around the fishery, each with picnic tables.

The shares are not on any stock exchange. The company has four directors. One of the directors is an independent chairman and is not part of the syndicate.

The board takes care of business matters. It includes transferring shares and managing the fishery. The company holds board meetings when needed.

This company holds its annual general meeting (AGM) and the syndicate AGM on the same day. The gathering takes place in October or November each year.


There is no doubt that Timsbury is a fantastic place to catch fish. People gather in this venue to have a peaceful and relaxing time.

The people who work here have great expertise in catching fish, without any doubt. They remain always ready to help the anglers who visit Timsbury.

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