Lakeside View Fisheries: A Great Place for Avid Anglers


Lakeside View Fisheries is a small group of fishing spots in Devon. You can catch beautiful carp there. The fishing site has three carp lakes.

The largest one is 10 acres and has 230 carp weighing 30lb and 52lb, with most in the high 30s. The second lake is 3 acres and has 60 carp between 30 and 45lb.

The third lake, exclusive to holiday cottage guests, is 2.5 acres and has 200 carp between 15 and 30lb. All the lakes are challenging to fish.

You can reserve two fancy cottages with private hot tubs through Classic Cottages. The cottages have four bedrooms and are ideal for self-catering.


The authority dug this venue to catch fish in 2012 and stocked it in 2013 with carp weighing between 30 and 52lb. Most of the carp are in the high 30s.

The own breeding lakes on-site provided the stock. Anglers created the venue to catch beautiful carp. It offers weed-free fishing challenges.


There are 60 carp between 30 and 45 pounds. The authority chooses the carp from breeding lakes to ensure they’re high quality. It has minimal weed and is challenging to fish.


Guests in the holiday accommodation can fish in this pond of Lakeside View Fishery. It has 200 carp weighing between 15lb and 30lb.

The authority carefully chose from the breeding lakes with beautiful markings. During the summer, it is full of weeds and can be challenging to fish.

Rules of the Lakeside View Fishery

Please follow the rules at all three lakes at Lakeside Fisheries. Keep the lakes clean and respect others to maintain an ideal fishing environment.

The owners are not responsible if anything gets lost, damaged, or stolen while you are here. You must follow these rules at all times.

The site may ask you to stop fishing, and you may lose your syndicate membership if you break them. To fish the lakes, you need a valid rod license.

You must also be a current syndicate member in one of the holiday cottages onsite. The authority does not allow day tickets in Lakeside Fisheries.

This site only allows micro-barbed hooks. It will conduct rig checks to ensure compliance. Do not leave your rods unattended. You cannot use bait boats.

Lakeside View Fisheries
It is not the image of Lakeside Fisheries but is similar to it. Photo by Barb Canale on Unsplash

Each angler must carry a carp med kit. The syndicate allows its members to have only one child over 8. You must use landing mats, nets, slings, and cradles provided by the fishery.

The boilies have no shelf life. There are no nuts. If you want to fish, stick to the swim you pick when you arrive. If you need to change swims, talk to the fishery owners first.

If you break the rules, such as using poles or nets, and misbehave, this site will kick you out. You cannot use drugs and can only consume alcohol in moderation.

Dogs are not allowed. Please take all litter home with you. The authority prohibits live baiting and spinning. If you catch a carp weighing over 40 lbs, please report it to the owners.

You can have BBQs as long as they’re off the ground. Use a 10lb line, but not a braided one. Do not hold the carp without any questions.


Lakeside Fisheries is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, without any doubt. You can enjoy the peaceful location and beautiful views of the lake.

There is an angler’s lodge with a small shop. The shop sells all your tackle needs and a variety of baits. Additionally, this site has toilets and showers for disabled individuals.

There is also a seating area with a microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge, and drinking water. You can get food delivered to your swims most days.

Each syndicate member will have a carp cradle, weigh sling, net, and bucket on their swim. You can only use these items when fishing in the lakes.

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