Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery: A Hidden Gem


Frank and Mary Casson acquired Barnsfold Waters in 1984. They transformed it into a trout fly fishery. Beacon Fell Country Park is where you can find Barnsfold Waters.

There are two lakes, Barnes and Beacon. Each lake is about eleven acres. Both lakes have ideal bank fishing. There are also some boats available.

Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery
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Call the authority for inquiries or bookings. This site has high-quality trout for fly fishing. You can only use flies to fish here.

More Information About Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery

Anglers can catch lots of fish using imitative patterns, especially buzzer fishing. The rainbow trout are strong, delicious, and great for eating.

At Barnsfold Waters, you can book affordable boat hire in advance. This venue also offers comprehensive casting lessons with the expert, Frank.

It also has clean facilities on site. These include parking, toilets, and a fishing hut. This site is open all year. Sunken Line lure fishing catches exceptional fish in winter.

Many local restaurants serve the Trout from these waters. The fish are of great quality. This site is proud of the great Trout and facilities at Barnsfold Waters.

It has disabled facilities, ample car parking, toilet facilities, and a fishing hut. You can also hire a boat. This site has many types of Trout, such as Rainbow, Brown, Blues, and Tiger Trout.

These Trout have a variety of flies they eat, like Buzzers, Sedge, Damsel, Hawthorne, and Pond Olive. Many people learned to fly fish at this fishery.

Frank, the owner, gives many advice. There is no doubt that he is a good man. The fish at Barnesfold are of good quality and fight hard.

Many anglers say that they are the tastiest trout. There are two 2-acre lakes with plenty of space, so you rarely fish shoulder to shoulder.

Many people love nymph fishing here with the PTN fly. It is always an ideal way to catch fish. In the cold winter months, the Cats Whisker fly works well.

This place is good for fishing, without any doubt. Many people catch fish at this place and make their personal best records.

It is an ideal trout water, well worth the trip out. Many people find their favorite fishing spot in this place. They love to visit here again and again.

The surroundings are beautiful, and the fish are tricky, without any doubt. Many people have been fishing here for many years. The water can be tricky, but you have two lakes to fish in.

These lakes usually have a lot of fish, and you might even catch a big one. Frank runs it well and regularly restocks from their nets on the lake.

You may have great results using a floating CDC Sedge over a submerged Nymph. This method hardly ever fails to catch fish on the surface or underwater.

Fishing days are a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty. They also have mental health benefits. The beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere can be calming.

People have always loved fishing because it helps them relax and feel good. Being outside in nature can reduce stress and bring peace.

You can clear your mind when you knot your line, bait your hook, and cast it. It helps people forget worries and concerns, giving you a break from life’s stressors.

Fishing is a great way to relax and recharge your mental health. Spend a few hours fishing to feel better, whether alone or with loved ones.

When you’re fishing, you focus on the present moment. The wind rustles through the trees and your boat creaks.

It clears your mind and helps you fully immerse yourself in casting a line and waiting for a catch. Fishing lets you relax on a calm lake or a busy river and forget your worries.

Many people find this state of concentration and calmness relaxing. Spending time in nature can make you feel better and help you find your purpose.

It is beneficial for your mental health. Forget about everything else happening around you and focus on the present moment.

Angling is a good exercise. It uses your arms, legs, and core muscles. It can be tiring. Being on a boat helps with balance and strength.

You can also get some extra steps when you walk to your angling spot. Catching fish is a great way to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

Trout usually weighs about 5 pounds, but sometimes people catch ones that are over 10 pounds. Dries are effective for catching Brown Trout, which lie deep in the water.

Barnsfold Waters Trout Fishery
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Fry patterns and small beaded flies are also beneficial. The authority recommends Shipman’s, CDC buzzers, and sedges. You can book a boat in advance.

The experts can also give you lessons. Visitors can use the clean and accessible toilets and showers. There is safe and secure parking available.


Angling in Barnsfold is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. You can connect with nature by spending time on this fantastic site. It can be a calming and rejuvenating experience.

You can fully enjoy nature when you fish in calm, open areas. Feel the wind on your face as you cast your line in warm waters. 

Angling is a great way to stay active and enjoy nature. You can catch fish or relax at this place. Take your angling rod and enjoy the benefits of this fun activity!

As an angler, you can explore the surrounding area of this venue to catch fish. There are many things to discover at this site.

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