Aston Park Fisheries: An Amazing Fishing Destination


Aston Park Fisheries is a top-notch fishing spot in Sheffield. There are plenty of fishing spots in this beautiful park, without any doubt.

Whether you are a casual angler or part of a fishing club, Aston ponds is perfect for any angler, without any doubt. Plus, it is conveniently close to major highways.

Stable Lake

Pleasure and match anglers love the Stable pond. There is parking by the peg side. The Stable fishes well all year round with various methods, making it great for winter sports.

For carp, use a pole and waggler with pellet or popped-up bread. For silverfish and Ide, try maggot, chopped worm, or caster.

Use micro pellets to feed and a 4mm soft pellet on a light rig for skimmers.

Split Lake

The Split is a famous match pond at Aston Ponds. It offers good fishing on all pegs with convenient parking and easy access.

You can use different fishing methods like waggler, method feeder, or bomb with bread. For catching smaller fish, use a pole with corn or pellets.

In the margins, feed ground bait and dead maggots. Don’t forget about catching silvers. Use maggot or chopped worm and casters for Big Ide and Skimmers.

Lanta Lake

They named Lanta pond after a small island in Thailand. It is becoming more popular because all pegs are easily accessible, and there are no long walks.

The Lanta is great for both pleasure and match anglers. It has a variety of colorful fish species, and the island has suitable features.

When it’s windy, use a method feeder on the island. In winter, fish with worm and caster bait are on the island. You can also use paste and short-feed 4mm pellets.

Eliysia’s Lake

Eliysia’s pond is a place for fishing, and coaching sessions are available during the week. The fishing area is accessible for people in wheelchairs to use.

There is convenient parking, and the area is accessible for disabled anglers. Catch fish closer to the pole, deck, and shallow area for better results.

Fishing along the margins and the island is also a good idea. Use maggots and pellets as bait, keeping it short on the top (2+2).

Lilly Lake

The Lilly pond is the oldest and most mature lake in the complex. It is the favorite of many anglers, including pleasure, match, and specimen anglers.

Lilly is a great place to fish because there are many species and methods to catch. Catch different types of fish using various techniques and bait.

Aston Park Fisheries
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Try using a waggler with a pellet, method, bomb bread, or pole with meat and corn. Use maggots on light rigs and big weights of Ide for catching silvers.

Fish half-depth with worms and casters and use soil to create a cloud. You can also catch big carp near lily pads by feeding them in the margins.

Bills Lake

Bills pond, the third new lake at Aston Ponds, is 5 to 13 meters wide and 3 feet deep. Match and pole anglers specifically created it.

Use 4mm pellets to fish on the far bank, and use maggots for shorter distances. It will help you achieve good results.

Butts Lake

One of the new lakes at Aston Ponds is Butts Lake. It is 13 meters wide and has depths ranging from 5 feet. Butts pond has the most pegs out of all the lakes, and authority developed it for match use.

Anglers use a pole to fish with pellets, short and across to the far bank at a depth of 2 feet. They also use a 4mm expander to feed micro’s to the far bank.

Rules of The Aston Park Fisheries

Do not feed floating baits. Only use keepnets during matches. Please place all keepnets and landing nets on the bank for 30 minutes.

The maximum weight in one keepnet is 50lb. In open matches, you cannot use a floating pole. You can only use one 400g tin of cat meat per day.

The maximum pole length is 16 meters. When using ground bait, you can only cup it in or through a feeder. Anglers need a landing net.

This site allows you to use 2kg of ground. You cannot bring any nuts. Anglers can only use one rod per day ticket.

Night fishing requires an appointment. This venue only allows you to have 1kg of worm, joker, and bloodworm. Do not leave any litter on the bank.


The seven lakes of the site have many fish, like Carp up to 30lb, Tench up to 3lb, Bream up to 4lb, Roach, Perch, Barbel, Ide, and Crucians.

During school holidays, the authority organizes Junior events. It can also easily accommodate your match event for your business or club.

Everyone can have a memorable day of fishing. Aston Park has also hosted qualifying events for Fish ’O’ Mania and NJA Junior Nationals.

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