Ladybower Fishery: A Perfect Place for Prime Fishing


Ladybower Fishery is the biggest of three reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley. These reservoirs are famous for their connection to the legendary Dambusters.

Geoff Smith has been managing Ladybower Fisheries since 2010. They aim to be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or disability.

Troy Chadwick is in charge of a group of people at the British Disabled Angling Association. They have made this Fisheries the top accessible spot in the UK.

Disabled people can go angling with support using boats and pontoons. They help disabled and non-disabled people fish together and make friends.

The Ladybower Angling Trust Lead Coaches can teach you how to fly fish in a beautiful place. They know how to teach anglers of all skill levels.

Float Tube Angling

Float tubing started in the USA as a convenient way to fish from a small boat. The angler sits in a small inflatable boat, like a chair. They wear chest waders and diver’s fins.

They use their hands to handle the fishing tackle. Float tubers can fish quietly because the fish ignore them, just like they ignore swans or ducks.

This fantastic venue has a few insured Angling Trust 1st 4 Sport Lead Coaches. Some specialize in float tubing. They can give you expert advice to catch trout.

If you want to try tubing, rent a tube from us. This site authority will keep you safe from any float tube-related injury.

To join the rapidly growing sport of float tube fishing in the U.K., join The British Float Tube Association.

Bank Angling

This fantastic reservoir in the Peak District has many spots along the bank to catch fish. The bank slopes down into deeper water, so you must be careful.

But many people enjoy fishing here because it’s a great way to catch trout. Ladybower is an upland water. The fish there quickly respond to insects near the bank.

Boat Angling

Discover the freedom of open water and explore hard-to-reach places. Go where bank anglers can’t and cover lots of water.

Boat fishing has an advantage: it’s fun. Even if the fish aren’t biting, being on Ladybower is still enjoyable.

Fishing on a boat at Ladybower is a great way to explore the reservoir. Ladybower has 15 Boats. You can choose between petrol, electric, or rowing engines.

This water is perfect for long drifts and traditional-style fly fishing. You can fish with or without a drogue, and the catch rates are enough.

It can also offer boat fishing for up to 20 competitors. If needed, it can serve as an invigilator and match organizer. To make bulk bookings like this, please arrange it with the office.

Rules of The Ladybower Fishery

You can get season, daily, morning, afternoon, and concessionary permits. You can fish any day during the permit’s validity with a season ticket.

You can get fishing permits at the Ladybower Fisheries Office. The office is on Ashopton Road in Bamford, S33 0AZ. Call 01433 659712. Make cheques payable to Ladybower Fisheries.

For Season Permits only, bring two passport-sized photographs. The permit includes the name(s) of the person it is for, and the person cannot transfer it to another individual.

Ladybower Fishery
Steve FCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During the season, individuals can fish all day, from morning to evening. Boat fishing is available from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the fishing season.

The fishing times can change due to weather or seasonal variations. You can fish from the reservoir banks, float tubes, or fishery-owned boats.

However, authority does not allow from the dam wall or pipes/bridges. Anglers on the boat jetty and casting platform must wear life vests, as decided by the fishery.


Ladybower Fisheries is a top fly angling spot in the Peak District National Park. We have Rainbow, Blue, and wild Brown trout, some weighing over 20lbs.

You can fish from 13 miles of bank, use our boats, or float tubes. This site also has a stocked tackle shop. Families love visiting the Peak District.

There are lots of activities for everyone, not just fishermen. The BDAA Accessibility Fishing Hub at Ladybower Fisheries is getting better each year.

They are making improvements to the site and adding more activities. The authority has a high dedication to offering a great experience.

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