Bank House Fly Fishery: A Great Sanctuary for Anglers


Bank House Fly Fishery is a small water but is well-planned for fly fishing and wildlife on 2½ acres. There are twelve small islands spread across the water.

These islands create a network of slow swims and pools for the fishery. In summer, the lake’s water flows smoothly. It avoids stagnant areas that get warm and lack oxygen.

This venue is in Lancashire County in North West England. Lancashire is next to Cumbria in the north. It has a border in North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire in the east.

Greater Manchester and Merseyside are to the south. Finally, the Irish Sea is to the west. The notable place is Blackpool, and the city is Preston.

More Information About Bank House Fishery

The trout move around the fishery a lot because of food availability. The islands and plants block the view for the angler. Even with 16 fishermen, it doesn’t feel crowded.

There’s privacy and space for the roaming fishermen. This venue is teeming with insects, both in water and on land. It is home to many Corixa, damsels, buzzers, shrimps, and sedges.

The Kingfisher and trout also prey upon sticklebacks. They planted the fishery above to help insects. In summer, tasty food falls from the trees.

This site to catch fish opened in 1974. Ben and Charlotte, the son and daughter-in-law of the original owners, own and run it.

The fishery is home to a diverse range of insects and spiders. The designers of this site to catch fish did well. It has had 30 years to develop, resulting in many animals and plants.

The Dobson family loves natural history and works hard to make the six-acre site a perfect habitat. Trees for birds are present on the islands and nearby banks, and scattered nest boxes.

Some land has small woods, and some is for scrub. The compact oasis has many habitats that attract British wildlife. Visit in spring to hear the dawn chorus.

Bank House Fly Fishery
It is a symbolic photo but is similar to this fishing venue. Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

At Bank House, you can fish for trout in a beautiful setting. You might catch big rainbows, blues, browns, and tigers swimming around in the water.

Bank House has Corixa and sticklebacks, so you need fry patterns and small beaded flies. The brown trout tend to stay deep in the water.

It allows them to scan a wide area of the surface. That’s why dry flies are particularly effective in attracting them.

Some highly recommended dry flies are shipman’s, CDC buzzers, and sedges. The water near the islands is deep, so trout like to stay there.

To catch rainbow trout, try Buzzers or nymphs on a floating line and fish very slowly. In March and April, when the water is cold and has lots of oxygen, the trout will put up a good fight.

Be prepared for the energetic and hard-fighting blue trout that will be plentiful. Try to catch all four species of trout on your visit.

Many big fish are available here, including rainbows and browns that weigh around 20 pounds! All five types of trout are here: rainbows, browns, blues, tigers, and spartics.

Many people catch all five types in one fishing trip. They use a black tadpole on a floating line. Many impressive catches take place in this great venue.

Many anglers record the catches in the returns book. A fantastic fishing environment always exists in this great venue to catch fish.

Anglers can catch trout of all kinds weighing more than ten pounds. The record for Rainbow Trout is currently 23 pounds.

The Brown Trout weighed 16 pounds. The largest Tiger Trout was 10 pounds. You need fry patterns and small beaded flies to catch Brown Trout.

They prefer deep water, without any doubt. The authority of this venue recommends Shipman’s, CDC buzzers, and sedges.

The on-site shop has all the fishing essentials, including the latest baits and gear. Guests also have access to clean and accessible toilet facilities.


This site is perfect for fishing and has everything to make anglers enjoy their time. There are many things to explore for an angler in this venue to catch fish, without any doubt.

You should visit this site for a good time and get some health benefits. You should do it if you live in the nearby area of this great venue.

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