Greenhill Fishery: A Perfect Place for Fresh Catch


Welcome to Greenhill Fishery, located near Dalbeattie in South West Scotland. You can buy day tickets to fish for trout at our fishery. It offers coarse, fly, and bait fishing.

Our three ponds are in a beautiful valley with farmland and forest. They are private and secluded, perfect for beginners and experienced anglers.

The fishery is open year-round from 8 a.m. until 30 minutes before dusk or 7 p.m. You can rent tackle and buy bait there.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed. Book a session to catch fish at the trout bait pond. It includes 30 minutes of tuition and tackles hire.

The site can also arrange fly-casting tuition with a local instructor. But you have to book in advance. Greenhill Fishery is a good place for your next fishing vacation.

Fly Fishing in Greenhill Fishery

At Quarry Pool, which is 1 acre in size, you can visit for fly fishing for brown and rainbow trout. The brown trout weigh about 1lb, while the rainbow trout weigh about 2lb.

But, the authority also added some larger fish weighing 4-5lb to make it more exciting. The pond is 3-5 feet deep. Use a floating line and either a dry fly or a bright wet fly.

The site remains open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can find it at Greenhill Farm on A710 Coast Road in Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway, DG5 4QT.

Greenhill Fishery
It is a symbolic image but similar to the site in the Dalbeattie. Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay

When you arrive, go to the fishery office to pay for tickets and get a landing net. Then you can go to the ponds.

Please use our landing nets and collect them from the fishery office. Only use barbless flies for catch-and-release angling.

Park only in designated areas, and remember to take all litter home. You are not allowed to have BBQs or fires. Please limit the number of anglers to 4 at a time.

Bait Fishing

Island Pool is a half-acre fishing spot for Rainbow Trout. It’s perfect for beginners and kids. You can catch fish using a bubble float and sweetcorn or worm.

Use our landing nets from the fishery office. Only use barbless hooks, no spinning or flies. Park in designated areas only. Take all litter home.

No BBQs or fires allowed. At all times, someone must go with anyone under 14. This site reserves the right to inspect bags to verify catches.

Coarse Fishing

Lily Pad Pool is a 3/4 acre fishing spot with combined fish species. It is ideal for casual anglers and has Mirror and Common Carp up to 8lbs, Tench up to 2lbs, Crucians, F1’s, and Rudd.

The pool has a few small islands, and depths vary from 2 to 6ft. The fishery office is open from 8 am to 7 pm. Before going to the ponds, please call in.

Access to this pond is approximately. You can fish from wooden platforms or wood-chipped areas on a 200m grass field.

It is great for using a waggler, pole, or method feeder. Please use the landing nets provided by the fishery office. Use barbless hooks and only have one rod.

Remember to take all litter home. Use a line that is 6lb-8lb, and avoid using a braid. Also, please do not use keepnets.

When fishing, you must release the fish. Don’t use spinning equipment. Use safe rigs without fixed or bolt rigs. You cannot use BBQs or light fires.

The minimum age is eight years. If you’re under 14, you need an adult with you. Anglers should only park in designated areas.


Greenhills Fishery is perfect for beginners, experienced anglers, and taking angling breaks. The location of Greenhill Farm is on A710 Coast Road in Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway, DG5 4QT.

Anglers can fish for trout and salmon in the nearby river. Plus, there’s sea fishing available too. They can stay on-site in Glamping Bothies, Pods, or Cabins.

This site to catch fish has everything needed for a great angling experience. People who live nearby can easily visit and explore it.

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