Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery: A Great Fishing Destination


Esthwaite Water Fishery is a lovely private lake in the English Lake District. It covers 280 acres and offers excellent fishing for predators, trout, and coarse fish.

Hawkshead is in a valley between Lake Windermere and Coniston Water. It’s at the north tip, and Grizedale Forest is to the south.

SAVAGE FISHING in Esthwaite Water

Experience the best fishing in the UK at Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery. Enjoy Savage Fishing for Predator, Trout, and Coarse fish.


Esthwaite was a Rainbow Trout farm in 2010. It has improved since 2017 with new stocking methods. This site stocks 10,000 pounds of high-quality Brown Trout.

These trout weigh 2-5 pounds. The interest in catching trout is getting better thanks to the catch-and-release policy of this venue.

Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery
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The location is between Black Beck to the north and Cunsey Beck to the south. Migratory species can freely move through the open water.

You can only fish for trout from March 15th to September 30th. This site allows everyone to fish for trout in any way. It helps beginners catch one easily during the season.


Esthwaite is a famous place to catch Pike. The lake record is almost the same as the British Record, at 46 pounds. Pike fishing is getting better every year.

It is getting to normal after inconsistent trout stocking from 2010 to 2017. The new policy in 2017/18 increased the number of fish over 20 pounds from 3 to 40 in 2019/20.

Until December, we caught 24 fish weighing over 20 pounds. The largest fish weighed twenty-nine pounds and six ounces.

Esthwaite Water
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The authority estimates that big female fish gain 3 to 5 pounds each season. This site has a strict pike season from October 1st to March 31st to keep growing the fishery.

The pike reproduces a lot to help them survive the hot summer. The authority permits fly, lure, and deadbait fishing during the season to catch fish.

However, these methods are not recommendable for beginners. It’s better to go with someone experienced who can handle big pike or ask our guides.


Esthwaite is often famous as the best spot to catch fish in the North, like Ireland in the 80s. The more fishermen try new techniques and areas, the better it gets.

Fishermen caught a 300-pound bag of bream in recent time. They caught 80 fish weighing between 2 and 6 pounds.

And they even caught bream weighing up to 15 pounds. Anglers also caught roach and hybrids weighing up to 2 and 6 pounds, respectively.

The most common fish in Esthwaite Water Fishery is the Perch. You can catch around 150, making it a great family day on a guided trip.

In the summer, the authority helps new anglers at this spot when the trout aren’t biting. You can fish from the bank all year, and there are no bait rules.

Osprey Safari

Experience the Osprey Safari, a scenic boat trip around Esthwaite. Witness the magnificent resident Ospreys from April to September.

But that’s not all – Esthwaite offers more! Esthwaite Water lies between the larger lakes of Windermere and Coniston water.

Hawkshead is a charming village at the north tip. Beatrix Potter’s home village, Near Sawrey, is at the south point. The Private Fishery is quiet and peaceful, unlike the busy commercial lakes.

It’s a wildlife sanctuary. A recent survey by Natural England shows that Esthwaite is a diverse lake in the Lake District. The star of the lake is our wonderful Ospreys.

Our licensed cafe has a live video stream from one of our nests. The place also has parking where you pay and display, toilets, a picnic area, and walks.

People enjoy sitting with a glass of wine, waiting for an Osprey. It’s common to see an Osprey catch a fish from the cafe terrace.


In the Esthwaite Valley, this site has three nests. The cafe sits 900m away from the lake shore. The area is rich in birds, and the authority stocks 10,000 pounds of brown trout each year.

As a result, Esthwaite attracts these raptors. During breeding season, there are many live fish available for the birds. It proves the high bird population in the area.

The authority begins stocking with brown trout on March 15, a few weeks before the ospreys arrive. They continue increasing stock at 1000 pounds per week for ten weeks.

Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery
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In May, the stocked fish will be in the upper layers of the lake. It provides high-protein meals for mating, egg sitting, and chick arrival.

The coarse fish spawn near the surface during July and August when the water warms up. It gives us an easy meal option.

Angling becomes more challenging as the chicks start to fly and the fish move deeper. You can only fish in the mornings and evenings when the fish come closer to the surface.


It is information about a fantastic fishing site. It can make all types of anglers happy. The surrounding area of this fishing site in the United Kingdom has many things to explore.

This scenic natural water offers unparalleled beauty. Esthwaite is a big lake, 280 acres in size. It’s open all year and well for all types of anglers.

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