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Spring Hill Trout Waters in Kent is famous for its excellent fly fishing. The fishery is in a beautiful valley in Brenchley Wood near Matfield.

Springs feed three clear waters. This site stocks these waters with high-quality rainbow and brown trout. Fishing is excellent when there are many insects, especially in the evenings.

It is when hatches happen often, and using dry flies usually gives good results. In Southern England, hatches include midges, caddisflies, sedges, mayflies, damselflies, and other insects.

More Information About Spring Hill Trout Waters

The main lake has rainbow and brown trout. The Spring and Brown Ponds have only brown trout. Facilities include a lodge, toilet, and sale of fishing gear and rod rentals.

You can buy tea, coffee, and other refreshments. Alan Manwarring created this fantastic fishery in the early 80s. Lee Green and Jane have owned and managed it since 2001.

Lee, who has been fishing since childhood, has high management standards. Lee knows a lot about the countryside. He takes pride in keeping it natural and well-maintained.

Lee nurtures many native plants and trees. As a result, there are plenty of insects and wildlife. You might see the Kingfisher, Woodpecker, and Sparrowhawk during your visit.

Other birds you could spot include Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Reed Bunting, and Reed Warbler. Nuthatch, Heron, Little Grebe, Swallow, Swift, Housemartin, and Siskin are also visible.

It often sees Common Buzzards and Little Egrets here in the winter of 2010/11. You might also spot Grass Snakes, Common Lizards, and Newts.

It is a peaceful place with beautiful Medway Valley and Bluebell Hill. The springs in the area feed Tudely Brook, which then flows into the Medway.

The Lodge at this venue is proud to be a friendly place with a relaxed atmosphere. It is perfect for planning corporate days and events for both small and large groups.

The fishery sits in beautiful countryside with breathtaking views. London Bridge is only a 45-minute commute, which is convenient for people living in the city.

This venue to fly fishing in Kent is a great place to unwind, socialize, network, and enjoy a meal. This site provides tuition and fishing tackle.

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea are available. The food is locally sourced, even charcoal. The authority of this site will cater to vegetarians.

Spring Hill Trout Waters: A Serene Fishing Getaway
It is not the image of this fantastic venue but is similar to it. Photo by David J. Boozer on Unsplash

This site has experience in meeting the unique needs of different organizations. Come to this site for fishing lessons and tuition, no matter your skill level.

In the fishing class, you will learn about water and finding fish. You’ll also learn about tackle, knots, and casting. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to play and catch fish.

The fly fishing instructors are professionals from AAPGAI and GAIA. You can also get gift vouchers. This venue has a smoker for hot and cold smoking trout and other products.

You can leave your catch with this site for smoking or bring fish you caught elsewhere. This venue holds a fun fishing competition in November.

Anyone can join, regardless of age or experience. The winner gets the Challenge Trophy for a year. It costs £50 to enter. You will need to pay a £15 deposit to reserve a spot.

The dates for this year’s event are still uncertain. It will include tea, coffee, a breakfast roll, and lunch. Join Rudd Bash, a summer fishing event held from June to August.

Catch as many Rudd as you can at this place to fly fishing in Kent. The entry fee is £10, which includes tea, coffee, and a BBQ. The fantastic event starts at 9 am and ends at 1 pm.

Sign up now because the site only allows 12 participants. You’ll find plenty of Rudd weighing over 1lb, with the lake record set at 2lb 5oz in 2017.

People love angling for many reasons. As your float moves down the river, you feel excited at every bend in the rod. Catching a potential personal best brings you joy.

But the real reason they love angling is being at one with nature. In a survey about angling, almost 90% of people who fish said they care about nature and peace.

As fishermen, they know that being outside has many health and mental benefits. They also enjoy the surprises and magical moments by the water.

Many anglers in the United Kingdom love this angling spot because it has many benefits. It can give a great experience to those who want to enjoy a good time in beautiful nature.


If someone asks you about a popular activity in the United Kingdom, you can say it is catching fish. Many people who live in this beautiful country love to catch fish as a hobby or profession.

They know the benefits of catching fish, so they love to do it. There are thousands of established fish-related businesses visible in this country.

It is visible as it has high demand for the people of this country, without any doubt. An angler can do many great things here to catch fish.

This place for trout fishing in Kent has many fantastic things for anglers who want to catch fish. This venue is always ready to provide a great experience to catch fish.

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