Ashdown Forest Fly Fishery: A Beautiful Fishing Destination


For more than 20 years, this site has welcomed fishermen to this lovely lake. Is there anything more enjoyable than fly fishing on a sunny day?

Visitors to Ashdown Forest Leisure in East Sussex can fish for trout with great views. Below, you can learn about fees and book your spot.

There are eight stages around the island where you can fish. If you prefer, you can use the free flat-bottomed boats at this venue.

However, please bring your life jacket. The lake is usually not staffed. Please put cash payments in the honesty box inside the fishing lodge.

Water Activity In Ashdown Forest Fishery

There are water-based activities available in Ashdown. If you want to try something different and meet new people, learn a new skill in a safe, fun environment.

Have fun and stay active with water activities at Ashdown Forest Leisure. You can kayak, paddle board, or go out in a rowing boat.

It is a great family day out, and this site is friendly for the children. The authority has a lifeguard on duty to keep everyone safe.

Try paddle boarding, kayaking, or rowing for team building, stag parties, or birthdays. Contact the authority to book a party or event at this venue.

Fly Fishing

For more than 20 years, this venue has been a favorite spot for fishermen. Is there anything more enjoyable than fly fishing on a sunny day by our beautiful lake?

This venue often puts lots of healthy trout in the fishing area at this site. Visitors can enjoy fishing and take in the beautiful views of the farm at Ashdown Forest.

There are eight fishing stages on the island. You can also use our free flat-bottomed boats. Visitors should bring their life jackets.

The lake of this site is usually not supervised. Please put your payment in the honesty box inside the fishing lodge. The site only accepts cash.

The stewards occasionally do surprise checks to ensure people follow the fishing rules. You can see these rules posted outside the fishing lodge.

Open Water Swimming Coach

During the summer, Marianne provides coaching sessions at the lake. These sessions can be one-on-one, two-on-one, or in small groups.

You can offer different sessions to help beginners in open water. It can include building confidence, improving strokes, or practicing race skills.

Many new swimmers worry about deep water or not seeing the bottom. You can help people relax by teaching them proper breathing techniques.

To be a member of the winter swimming club, you must join Marianne’s online session. It costs £10 per person. During the session, you will learn about the effects of cold water on our bodies.

Ashdown Forest Fly Fishery
It is a symbolic image but is similar to the Ashdown Fishery. Photo by gaspar zaldo on Unsplash

As swimmers, you must know the signs of hypothermia and after drops to stay safe. The expert will talk about gear and adapting to cold water for safety.

The second part of the online session is interactive and enjoyable. The expert will show you how to do breathing exercises to prepare for cold water immersion.

You will also learn to use your breath to calm yourself or another swimmer. It can help when you or someone else gets anxious or has a panic attack in or near the water.

Even the best swimmers can get anxious in cold water, but breathing exercises can help them calm down. You will enjoy open/cold water swimming if you have good equipment.


It is the information for an angler, without any doubt. The stewards do surprise checks to make sure people follow fishing rules.

The lodge posts the rules outside. Boringwheel Lake is about four and a half acres in size and has been around since medieval times.

Someone made it to power a mill that made holes in the British Fleet’s cannons. Afterward, they used the water wheel to power a grain mill.

The mill is still next door at Boringwheel Mill Farm. Currently, the authority is renovating the mill to make it work again.

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