Wansford Trout Fishery: A Great Place for Angling Adventure


Wansford Trout Fishery is near Driffield in the Yorkshire Wolds. This site has two lakes for Carp/Course and Trout fishing.

Both lakes are well-maintained and have plenty of healthy fish. Many people know it as the Wansford Trout and Coarse Fishery.

This site to catch fish can offer some good time, without any doubt. So, there are many things the anglers should know about Wansford Fishery.

More Information About Wansford Trout Fishery

This magnificent venue is in the area of Driffield, or Great Driffield. It is a market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

The town includes Driffield and Little Driffield. Leeds is 53 miles to the northeast, York is 29 miles to the east, and Hull is 23 miles to the north.

They call Driffield The Capital of the Wolds because it is in the middle of the Yorkshire Wolds. The population of Driffield parish was 13,080 in the 2011 UK census.

It was higher than the 2001 UK census count of 11,477. The 2019 Sunday Times report on the Best Places to Live in northern England listed the town.

It is a fantastic fishing venue, without any types of questions. The Course Pond has lots of big Carp and Perch, with some weighing up to 5 pounds and Tench weighing up to 9 pounds.

The lake of the Wansford fishery also has plenty of Roach, Rudd, and Chub. Trout Lake has Rainbow, Brown Trout, and Grayling.

It is a Trout Master Water and only costs £10 for a full-day ticket, making it affordable for fly fishermen. The pond has grown fully mature reed beds.

When fished in a concentrated manner, it can yield high-quality fish. You can catch fish, like carp 20 pounds, perch over 5 pounds, and tench over 9 pounds.

You can also catch roach, rudd, eels, and chub. The pond is 5 feet deep on average. Individuals, clubs, charities, and organizations can book matches there.

Wansford Trout Fishery
It is not the image of the fishing site in Wansford, but similar to it. Photo by Andre Lafuente on Unsplash

The trout lake has a horseshoe shape and is 8 to 10 feet deep. It has an inlet and outlet, which creates a constant flow.

It means the lake never floods or freezes, and the venue can offer fishing all year. There are many places to fish from each bank.

You can catch rainbow and brown that weigh between 2lb and 4lb. Some fish can weigh up to 19lb 4oz. The insects in the area include sedges, daddies, gnats, bloodworms, and buzzers.

Many people come to catch fish and receive warm greetings. Sometimes, the landowner explains how the trout lake had been fishing.

But the water bailiff knows more about this venue. The man named Clive is a true hero. He loves to help new fishermen. This way, the time in Wansford becomes enjoyable.

Anglers usually catch a decent amount of fish but sometimes lose fish due to rookie errors. It provides fantastic value for money. Many anglers intend to go as often as they can.

Trout Pond Rules

You can’t use bait when fishing on the trout lake. Return all brown trout and any fish over 4lb to the lake. Dip all nets.

Please return fish to the water carefully after catching them. Only use flies without barbs. Do not use ground bait. You can catch fish only from the banks.

Course Carp Pond Rules

Anglers must pay in the shed or pay £1 extra at the bank. Use barbless hooks only. Dip all nets. Keepnets should be at least 8ft long and have a 15″ diameter to protect fish.

Empty them every 5 hours. Don’t put carp or fish over 3lb in keepnets. Please do not take any coarse fish from the coarse pond. Do not use boilies.

You should only use a small amount of ground bait. You can use a maximum of 2 rods. Do not use live bait, dead bait, or spinning.

Please ensure that any rigs used are not attached to any ledges. Night fishing is not allowed. Please refrain from using barbeques or starting fires.

Dispose of any rubbish in the bins that the authority provided. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16, without any doubt.


Wansford Fishery is a great place. It has everything for a good time, without a doubt. This venue does not frustrate anyone.

Wnasford is a venue where you can relax and increase the power of focus for better work. It is always ready to offer a fantastic time to the anglers.

A good group of people works in this venue. They have great expertise in the field of catching fish. They always help the anglers to ensure a good stay in this venue.

The area around the venue is also ideal for attracting people to it. The beautiful surroundings of Wansford ensure a peaceful and relaxing angling experience.

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