Horam Manor Fishery: A Great Fishing Destination


The authority will welcome you to Horam Manor Fishery. It is a family-owned fishery on the Horam Manor Estate. This venue is open year-round.

This site is near the new South Downs National Park in the beautiful East Sussex countryside. The Eleven waters of this venue are perfect for peaceful fishing.

More About Horam Manor Fishery

You’ll find Carp, Crucian Carp, Tench, Perch, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Golden Rudd, and even Eels. Horam Manor offers everything you need for a great day of fishing.

This site has many fishing spots. It has restrooms, parking, and a tearoom for meals and coffee. The fishery of this venue has lovely forest trails and wildlife.

Horam Manor is ideal for families or serious anglers. It offers day session tickets, night fishing sessions, and annual membership.

Sometimes, frozen lakes or spawning fish close the lakes, but they remain open all year. Get your day ticket at the notice board in the car park.

Take an envelope from the wooden box and fill in your details. Put the money inside and put the completed form and money into the locked black metal box.

During the day, a bailiff will walk around the lakes to check for payment and fishing licenses. You can go night fishing at Banky Fork, Long Water, Coney, Lagoon, and Clear Hedges.

Horam Manor Fishery
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But you have to book in advance. This venue has a few rules for the family-friendly fishing course. If you need help, the authority is always here for you.

For the day ticket, each angler can use up to 2 rods. Only use barbless hooks. Bring only 1kg of ground bait. If possible, use an unhooking mat.

Take all litter home. Keep dogs on leads. When night fishing, each angler can use a maximum of two rods. Only use barbless hooks.

You must have an unhooking mat or cradle. You can have BBQs and firepits, but only in designated spots. Please bring your litter back with you. Keep your dogs on leads.

You are responsible for your safety at Horam Manor Fishery. Fishing in the water is risky. You are responsible for your safety in this place.

House Pond

The pond is perfect for disabled anglers because it is near the car park. It has Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, and Tench.

Carp can weigh up to 7lb, while tench can weigh up to 3lb. The pond has different baits, like sweetcorn, luncheon meat, and bread.

There are many effective ways to catch fish, such as using a float, pole, ledger, or free line.

Great pond

The pond is larger than the House pond and is next to the car park. It has different types of roach, rudd, and tench. The carp can weigh up to 15lb, and the tench can weigh up to 4lb.

Bread and dog biscuits are good bait for carp. Maggots work well for roach, rudd, and tench. The great pond is 3-5ft deep and has an island, lily pads, weed beds, and reeds.

Many methods work. Someone even caught a fish while fly fishing. Anglers like this spot because it’s near parking, toilets, and tea rooms.

Banky fork

You can find it down the valley. It has Common Carp, Leather Carp, Mirror Carp, Bream, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon, and Tench.

The carp weigh up to 12lb. Different baits work well for different types of fish. For carp, luncheon meat and sweet corn are perfect.

The fort at Banky is 7ft deep with a reed bed and overhanging trees. All methods work, but float and ledger work best.

Long Water

Just past Banky Fork, there is a stocked fishing spot. It has various fish like carp, perch, and bream. The big carp weighs 10lb, perch over 3lb, and bream up to 5lb.

For tench and perch, maggots and luncheon meat are the best baits. Carp are especially attracted to bread on top.

The lake has a long channel of deep water in the middle, reaching up to 12ft in some places. Fishes like to gather near overhanging trees and snags.

You can find tench and perch in the lily pad area.


Coney has fish up to 20lb and perch up to 4lb. Other fish include roach and rudd. The lake has features like trees, an island, a reed bed, and tree stumps for the fish.

You can practice match fishing techniques in this water. There is a chance you might catch a big carp that quickly swims toward the reed beds and snags.

Brook Pit

In Brook Pit, there is a small, hidden water. It has some surprising fish, like carp weighing over 17 pounds, and Perch. You can also find a good amount of roach and rudd.

Trees fill the area that has a small reed bed on one side. Watch out for logs and stumps. The depth ranges from 3ft to 7ft. You’ll find many big fish swimming at the narrow far end.


The lake holds carp weighing up to 25lb, including mirrors and common carp. It also has mid-doubles and high singles.

Additionally, there are Tench up to 5lb, Perch up to 3lb, roach, rudd, and even eels. The lake is about 4 feet deep, with some areas that are 5 feet deep.

Many trees are hanging over the far side of the lake. On the far left side, there is a clay bar in a small area. Along the near side of the lake, there are patches of gravel where fish like to swim.

You can catch Lagoon fish using sweetcorn, meat, boilies, sausage, and chickpeas. Tench and Perch like worms and prawns. You can catch Roach and Rudd with bread or maggots.

Clear Hedges

It is a big lake with two large lily pads, reed beds, and tree stumps. The lake hides big carp up to 17lb. It attracts carp anglers and is ideal for roach, tench, and rudd.


During the winter, walkers cannot enter Horam Manor, but anglers can still access the ponds. Remember to close gates and be cautious due to slippery ground.

When you arrive, go to the fishing lodge and check the new noticeboard. You can get day tickets or 24-hour tickets by making arrangements beforehand.

Instead, you can download a day ticket at home. You should fill it out and put it in an envelope with your payment. Then, drop it off in the box at the Lodge.

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