Artloch Fishery: A Great Journey into Angling Bliss


Can you tell me about an activity that people living in Scotland love? It is the activity of catching fish. A large number of Scottish consider it as their hobby.

Artloch Fishery is a site where many people visit to enjoy great moments in a peaceful area. It offers the Scottish and English people a memorable experience, without any doubt.

Artloch Fishery
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People living in England and Scotland know the great benefits of fishing. They find the ideal place, like the Artloch fishing site, for a fantastic experience.

This fantastic venue for catching fish is in the area of Huntly. It is a town in Aberdeenshire County in Scotland. This town was famous as Milton of Strathbogie among the people.

More Information About Artloch Fishery

It is one of the fantastic fishing places in Scotland, without any question. It remains always ready to welcome anglers and offer a good time.

The location of this fantastic fishing site is 3 miles outside of Huntly. It is under the famous Aberdeenshire County of the United Kingdom.

It has a large area which is approximately five acres. It offers almost five acres of bank rainbow and brown trout fly-fishing.

A fantastic experience is waiting for everyone in this venue. This venue for catching fish is very popular with local anglers, without any question.

It is famous due to the quality of its fishing trout, modern facilities, and natural setting. The time of the opening of this fishing venue is 1976.

Artloch Fishery
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The authority renovated and re-opened the loch in October 2003. A great fishing environment exists on the site, without any doubt.

Many anglers may want to know about the depth of the loch of this venue. The depth of this fantastic loch varies from five to 15 feet.

It fed water from Glen Burn. It has a significant stock of Rainbow trout between 2.5 – 10 lbs and resident Brown trout up to 10 lbs.

There are many facilities for disabled people, without any doubt. It includes a toilet, an electric scooter, and complete access to fishing around the loch.

It remains open for 363 days a year from 0830 until dusk. It is possible to say that this venue in Scotland is an ideal place for fishing.

This well-established fishing venue has plenty of natural feed. It has gained a good reputation as a top-of-the-water fishery, where dry flies, and lures, will tempt fish.

There are many brownies available in Artloch. They survived the winter and continued to grow without any question.

These fish love to fight, and the rainbows appear in excellent condition with full fins and plenty of fat. A memorable experience is waiting in Artloch for the anglers.

It has a great area that supports a diverse population of aquatic and terrestrial flies. It is excellent news for people who enjoy fishing with dry flies.

Besides, there is a bottom-feeding facility with plenty of shrimp and snails. It may explain the healthy growth rate of the fish that have been overwintering.


This magnificent venue provides many facilities that play a vital role in this site. These facilities attract hundreds of people to this spot to catch fish.

Another mentionable thing about this place is the majestic touch of nature. Nature helps this site by providing a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Many anglers consider this place as the medium of escaping from stress. It indeed can remove the stress of modern life with its beautiful touch.

A group of good people works in this venue to catch fish. They try their best to please the anglers who visit here. They have good expertise in fishing, without any doubt.

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