Gawsworth Fisheries: A Beautiful Place

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may know that the people of this country love fishing. This love has helped fishing to become one of the largest participant sports.

There are hundreds of lakes and fishing sites like Gawsworth Fisheries available. These lakes and fishery fulfill the demand of the people of this European country.

It is possible to consider fishing one of the popular hobbies of people in the United Kingdom. People established it as a popular hobby as it has many benefits.

Fishing gives fantastic entertainment to people as well as it also has many benefits. The main gain of fishing is that it helps to boost the power of concentration.

More Information About Gawsworth Fisheries

It is one of the premium day ticket fisheries of the Cheshire area in the United Kingdom. It is a ceremonial county in North West part of England.

It is possible to consider it as an all-round fishery without any question. It comprises five lakes and a private canal.

It caters to both novice and experienced anglers. Wall Pool holds a mirror and common carp of 15 lbs, tench of 6 lbs., and ghost carp to over 10 lbs.

It also has breams of over 3, barbel of over 4, and crucian carp of 1.5 LBS. Wood Pool holds common and mirror carp of 30 lbs, tench of 9, and ghost carp of over 20 lbs.

It also holds bream near 8, barbel near 6, chub to over 6, and perch to over 4 lbs. There is another reservoir named the Park Pool.

It also has a large stock of different types of fish. It shelters carp near 25 lbs, tench to over 6, and bream to over 5 lbs.

It also holds barbel to over 5, chub 4, crucian carp near 2, and perch to over 3 lbs. It is one of the main pools of this fishing venue, without any doubt.

Coppice Pool is another lake. It has a long central island and holds common and mirror carp to over 8 lbs.

Gawsworth Fisheries
It is a symbolic image but is similar to Gawsworth Fishery. Photo by Collins Illich on Unsplash

It also has tench to over 2, bream to over 4, barbel to over 2, and crucian carp to 1 lb. Spring Bank Pool is a 10-foot deep water and has two islands.

This fishing venue covers over 2 acres of the area. It holds common and mirror carp over 20 lbs in size.

It also has tench to over 4, bream to over 4, barbel to over 3, and crucian carp to 1 lb. Serpentine Canal has a depth of up to 7 feet and 46 pegs.

It has mirror carp to over 6, tench to over 2, bream to over 1, and crucian carp to over 1.5 LBS.

A valuable fact is that the authority does not allow night fishing on Wall Pool and Serpentine Canal.

There is no doubt that it is an ideal fishing venue in the area named Cheshire.

There are many facilities available, including ample parking and toilet facilities. The authority of this property has created a space for parking.


It is possible to say that this site has many facilities that attract many people. Different species of fish consider the lakes of this venue as their home.

This venue in the area of Cheshire has a touch of natural beauty. An angler has the chance to explore many things in the surrounding area of this fishing venue.

If you live in the nearby area of the Gawsworth Fisheries, do not hesitate to visit this spot. The peaceful and relaxing environment of this place will give you good moments.