Rosemellyn Fisheries: A Beautiful Place


A large number of people living in Cornwall County are lovers of fishing. Many of these consider this as one of their great hobbies, without any doubt.

Rosemellyn Fisheries is a famous fishing venue in Cornwall County in the UK. It offers some memorable moments to the anglers of this area.

The location of this place is not very far from the Coastline and is beautiful. The offerings of this fishing venue in a famous County of England are great.

This fantastic venue for catching fish is in the area named Stenalees. It is a beautiful village in the United Kingdom in the County of Cornwall.

More Information About Rosemellyn Fisheries

This fantastic fishing venue is a former clay mine. This site has remained dormant and untouched for over 100 years. It became suitable as a fishing site for clay mining.

A spectacular sporting natural fishing lake is the result of the mining in this area. The total size of this property is about six acres, without any doubt.

The authority designed it for experienced carp fishermen. It has a water depth of over 36ft. This amount of water depth offers a challenging fishing environment.

The authority sheltered 200 carp in the lake for the past five years. It is now possible to determine their weights 20IB, 25IB, 30IB, or even more.

Rosemellyn Fisheries
Carp is available in Rosemellyn fishery. Pavel ŠevelaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A great experience is waiting for all types of anglers in this place without question. It has beautiful surroundings that offer a relaxing and peaceful fishing experience.

This site of the Cornwall County of the United Kingdom does not frustrate anyone. It tries to fulfill the demands of every angler through its offering.

Many benefits of fishing exist, and the people of Cornwall County know that. They love to choose this spot for catching fish and gaining something helpful.

The owners accept no responsibility for any bad things. It includes loss, damage or injury, or theft on the premises of this site.

The peaceful and relaxing things that offer this venue are unique. It is possible to enjoy memorable and great times in the surroundings of this fishery.

Rules of This Fishing Site

Many rules exist in this fishing site of Cornwall. Every angler must follow these rules for a great fishing environment.

  • Anglers must have a valid rod license.
  • A 50% booking fee is necessary for this site. It does not give any refund.
  • The authority allows the highest 3 rods per person.
  • Anglers can bring micro-barbed hooks only.
  • Anglers should not leave any rods unattended.
  • Anglers should not use any fixed leads.
  • An adult must come with Children under the age of 16.
  • The fishery provides all landing mats, slings, and cradles. Anglers must use these things for a better experience.
  • Visitors to this fishery must dip the nets on arrival.
  • The authority of this venue allows Bait boats.
  • They do not allow any nuts or peanuts.
  • Anglers must put back all fish they caught into the lake. Anyone found removing fish from the premises will face prosecution.
  • The authority allows to catch fish from the designated swim.
  • They do not allow any poles or keep nets.
  • They do not allow any drugs. They allow alcohol in moderation.
  • They allow BBQs as long as they are off the ground.
  • Everyone should clean their swim before they leave. They should show respect for the lake and fellow anglers.


Rosemellyn Fisheries has all types of power to attract people again and again to visit. Many people often love to visit this site for some relaxing moments.

This magnificent venue does not frustrate these people and offers memorable times. There are many things to explore in this fascinating venue.

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