Harthill Fishery: An Amazing Angling Paradise


Harthill Fishery or Reservoirs is a group of three lakes connected by bridges. They cover about 33 acres. They constructed reservoirs in the 1770s to supply water for the Chesterfield Canal.

Don’t fear big lakes like Harthill Reservoirs. There are many fish to catch, so even beginners can have a great day. You can even angling for more than 30 carp in one session.

More Information About Harthill Fishery

If you are new to carp fishing, Harthill Reservoirs is an ideal place to visit. The carp at Harthill Reservoirs usually weigh around 8 pounds, but some can weigh up to 30 pounds.

Breams are the main fish in these waters, and there are many decent-sized breams to catch. Coarse fishing enthusiasts can find skimmers, roach, rudd, and largemouth bass.

The lake is the main supply and water reserve for the Chesterfield Canal in Rotherham. It is also home to the Rotherham Sailing Club. This water has a lot of carp, bream, roach, and pike.

If you find them, you will catch fish with every cast. Some people consider carp to be abundant in certain areas. It is possible to catch more than 30 fish in one fishing trip.

The average weight of carp is 8lb, but some can weigh close to 30lb. Bream is valuable in the fish population, without any doubt.

It attracts many anglers who enjoy coarse and match fishing. Many anglers consider Harthill Fishery great for catching bream using the GB feeder.

It may take an hour or two to start eating the bait, but then it will be a lot of fun. This fantastic fishing site is in the area of Chester.

Harthill Fishery
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It is a city in England, near the border with Wales. It has a population of 79,645. Chester is the biggest town in Cheshire West and Chester.

It has a population of 329,608. It is the place for administration in Cheshire. It is the second-largest town after Warrington.

The Romans established Chester in 79 AD as a fort called Deva Victrix. It was a significant military camp in Roman Britain and eventually grew into a large town.

King Æthelred of Mercia established the Minster Church of West Mercia in 689. This church eventually became the first cathedral of Chester.

Additionally, the Angles fortified the city walls to defend against the Danes. The Normans took Chester as one of the last cities in England.

William the Conqueror built a castle to control the town and the nearby Welsh border. Chester became a city in 1541.

Rules of This Site to Catch Fish

Before fishing, anglers must consult the fishery bailiff for any rule changes. The reservoir is in a neighborhood, so please be considerate of the people who live nearby.

Only use barbless hooks. Use single hook rigs (except for pike fishing). Don’t use braided mainline (except spod, marker, or pike fishing). Make sure nets are dry before fishing.

Use a landing net of the perfect size. Use an unhooking mat or cradle for specimen fish (like carp and pike). Don’t use keepnets (except for authorized matches).

Harthill Fishery
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Use only 1 rod per permit (maximum 2 rods). No bait boats. No bread or floating baits. You can fish day and night. Anglers should only fish from designated pegs.

No swimming. Return all fish to the same water. Pike fishing is only allowed from October 1 to March 31. Do not use drugs or alcohol.

Do not use fires or barbecues (cooking stoves are okay). Put all litter in the bin or take it home. Parents and guardians must accompany and supervise children at all times.


Harthill Reservoirs is a place where every element is present for pleasant fishing. Many anglers love to catch fish in this venue of Chester.

The people who manage this property always try to take the best care of the anglers. They are experts in fishing and are always ready to help.

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