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Many people love fishing at Broadlands Lake in Southampton. In the early 1980s, they introduced trout, making it the first fishery where you can use any method.

Broadlands Lake
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Carp anglers could use boilies to catch “trout” during the close season. Farlows Lake in Middlesex also allowed this, and both places became popular.

More Information About Broadlands Lake

It is a popular place for day fishing. It has hosted the BCAC final for many years. The venue has a reputation for using PVA in bait applications.

Many anglers fished Broadlands during the carp boom and in BCAC finals. The venue is fantastic. There are many different features to catch carp from.

The islands offer the chance to fish at medium range, tight to the bankside, and under overhangs.

You can also cast near the edges of the swimming areas or in open water. Keep your rigs simple at Broadlands. A Snowman Rig or pop-up on a blowback rig is effective.

A bottom bait boilie on a Knotless Knot Hair also works. Feel free to use rigs that have worked for you on other waters.

But keep in mind that simple rigs work just as well, without any doubt. Anglers near an island can avoid tangles by using a Stiff-Mono Rig with a separate Hair.

Broadlands Lake: A Great Natural Wonder
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Presentation is valuable to many of them. If you use a solid or mesh PVA bag or stringers, then a Coated Braid Rig will suffice.

Many anglers use a Coated Braided Rig when fishing in open water with silt or gravel. They also attach a stringer or PVA bag to each cast.

In Broadlands, there are many large fish, about 900-1,200. These fish weigh over thirty pounds, and the average size is in the upper double digits or low twenties.

Fish react to changes in wind, and a strong wind from the southwest can move fish in the lake. People like to fish at the front channel during the colder months, like January to March.

It is at the end of a small island on the ‘carp alley’ bank. The ‘Blackwater Corner’ bay is also a favored area. During the winter, carp are still active but move slower.

Don’t ignore fish sightings. If you see carp, it’s worth changing spots. Carp can stay in one area for a while, and you might catch them during your visit.

During winter, carp don’t need as much food to replace energy. Use free baiting and consider using alternative baits. Plastic baits work well at Broadlands and other lakes in winter.

The bailiff at this venue is happy to give you information on swims and catch reports. You can call before your visit to get helpful information.

The lower lake is a small fishing area next to the river. It has 31 fishing spots and is perfect for casual anglers. Carps, roaches, and eels live in this lake.

Match Lake is a two-acre site. It has openings for day ticket fishing, club play, and competitions. There are 42 pegs available.

This site gives preference to pole anglers. Carp, bream, tench, roach, and perch are abundant. They provide exciting challenges for guests.

People also fish in the river, two rivers flowing into it. One of these rivers flows into the River Test, a renowned chalk stream with excellent fishing.

The River Blackwater has many fish like trout, salmon, roach, chub, grayling, dace, and pike. Broadlands Lake owns the entire half-mile river.

Anglers have fished the main lake at this fantastic venue and caught around 4,000 carp. More than 500 of them weighed over 20 pounds.

Braodlands lake
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The lower lake holds carp up to 27 pounds, roaches up to two pounds, and eels up to four pounds. In the River Test tributary, you can find chub weighing up to eight pounds.

It also saw pike and carp weighing up to 20 pounds in these waters. The best place to fish in River Blackwater is where the islands meet. Fishing tactics depend on the water.


Broadlands Lake is a unique place, without any doubt. It has a lot of water and covers 82 acres. The River Test fills the main lake, which is 26 acres.

It has a tackle shop and a clubhouse with food, drinks, and fun. Don’t miss the ribs. There is plenty of parking available at this great venue.

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