Heron Brook Fisheries: A Perfect Angling Destination


Heron Brook Fisheries sits close to Eccleshall, near Slindon. Slindon is on the A519. It is in 25 acres of Staffordshire countryside. There are now six pools available for fishing.

The first one, Match Lake, opened in 1994. In 1996, they built the Match Pool Canal shortly after that, primarily for pole anglers.

In 2003, the authority added Bridge Pool and Island Pool, and they extended the Canal. They added Meadow Pool to Heronbrook in 2004, the popular spot for match fishing.

From April to October, club anglers fill all the pools with club matches, and they love it. Booking the ponds at Heronbrook requires careful planning.

Clubs often need to book years in advance for open matches. Heronbrook hosts popular fishing events like AT/Maver Pairs and Fisho qualifiers.

The Match Lake

Match Lake has 18 pegs, nine on each side, 18m apart. The extended section of this area has ten pegs 16m apart.

The lake covers 6 acres. It has F1’s, Commons, and Mirrors. Now, anglers can use pole, feeder, or waggler methods at this fishing venue.

Match Pool

The pool has 20 pegs that are 20 meters apart. It has many F1’s, Common, and Mirror fish. They hold Club Matches there. It used to be part of Matchlake but is now its pool.

Meadow pool

The pool has 30 pegs spaced 20-25m apart. It opened in 2004 and is famous for matches. The authority stocks many different fish in this pool.

The Canal

Match anglers opened the Canal in the year 1996. In each part of this fantastic section, ten pegs are 20m apart.

The Canal has F1s, Commons, and Mirrors. The venue is a 14-meter-wide pole water with trees and reeds on the far bank.

Bridge Pool

They opened Bridge Pool, a purpose-built match water, in 2002. It has 25 pegs, all 20m apart. The pool is popular with both club and open-match anglers.

Rules of The Heron Brook Fisheries

At Heronbrook, the authority prioritizes fish well-being and fishery integrity over strict rules. This site aims to enhance your match-angling experience.

Before putting them in the water, all nets are completely dry. Place your it in the water for at least 10 minutes before using them.

Use a carpenter net that is at least 2 meters long. You can use up to 3 of them, each with a maximum weight of 65lb. It will reduce any net more than 65lb to 65lb.

Make sure the weights in the nets are even during the match. During Winter, you must use a landing net to catch Carp and F1 fish. Don’t swing the fish.

Gently remove the hook, then put the fish in the keep net instead of throwing or dropping them. Use your landing net to move the fish into the keep net.

Please don’t use towels to hold fish. Catch fish from platforms. Anglers should only fish halfway to the next angler. Don’t leave rods unattended in the water.

Heron Brook Fisheries
It is a symbolic image and is similar to the Heronbrook Fishery. Photo by DARYA STEPANOVA on Unsplash

Use barbless hooks that are no larger than size 10. Competitors can only use one rod, line, and hook when fishing. They can have multiple assembled tackles for backup.

He cleared the weeds and obstructions in his swim by cutting them, not digging or pulling up reeds. Then, he positioned his keepnet and tackle. Finally, he wet and mixed the ground baits.

Before starting, the angler should not put any bait or ground bait in the water. While checking the depth, if you catch any fish, you should release it instead of keeping it.

Please remove any unused bait. Take all your litter home; do not leave it on the bank or dump it in the water. You can’t use cat or dog food, trout pellets, or artificial bait.

Don’t use floating baits. Park your car in designated areas. Don’t park or stop in front of driveways or drive on grass areas.

All matches at Heronbrook Fishery must follow these rules. Clubs and groups can have their own fishing rules. But they must also obey the fishery rules.


Anglers should know details about Heronbrook Fisheries. The venue hosted the AT Supercup and other competitions.

It has held many national sports events, like the Super League and Disabled National. Heronbrook Fishery is also usable for DVDs and magazines.

Fishing experts show their methods and techniques in various places. So, there is no doubt that Heronbrook Fishery is a fantastic fishing venue.

A good group of people works in the fishing venue of Heronbrook and are always ready to help the anglers. A peaceful and relaxing time exists in this venue to catch fish.

The area around this place is beautiful. It makes fishing here relaxing and peaceful. An ideal time is possible to enjoy catching fish in this area.

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