Mansbridge Reservoir: A Great Haven for Nature Lovers


Mansbridge Reservoir is near Stoneham Cemetery. It is off the A27 between Swaythling and Mansbridge in Southampton.

The reservoir is on the right bank of the River Itchen, northeast of the bridge. The lake was once part of a pumping station on the Common from 1851 to 1892.

More Information About Mansbridge Reservoir

It supplied water to nearby reservoirs. The gravel walk starts at the parking lot and goes around the lake. It gives access to about ten spots for fishing.

The most common fish are carp, rudd, and pike. Some people have also seen bream and big tench. To protect the conservation area, don’t fish in the northeastern part of the lake.

Several large carp weighing over 20 pounds swim around freely. Anglers have caught carp weighing up to 37 pounds there, as past catches demonstrate.

The days are getting shorter and wetter, according to the forecast. It is time for a shorter safari. Sometimes, you do not have a whole day to wander and explore.

Sometimes, you may want to get away to a nearby place with nature. You can walk in the fall and still be back for dinner. Many people know the perfect spot.

Mansbridge Lake area is a small but fantastic safari. It is a local escape where the Itchen River and A27 meet. You can explore the woods and walk around the pond.

Many do not know this exists. People who do not know may feel ashamed. Now, the people who know it need to move on.

Mansbridge Reservoir
It is not the image of Mansbridge but is similar to it. Photo by Rex Roberts on Unsplash

Many people first time found it and wondered where they wandered into. The car park had overgrown trees and bushes hiding it.

The entrance leads to a small open space. There is a waterbody behind it in this place, but you can barely see it. The foliage hides the reservoir until you get closer.

Lily pads and other debris cover the surface of the lake. It creates camouflage. It gives the place a whimsical, forgotten land feel.

The site is not very big. You can walk around the shoreline in under five minutes by walking fast. But that’s not the point.

The point is to take a leisurely walk by the water. You can duck under branches and step over puddles. Or, if you are daring, you can splash through them.

You can greet the people fishing and enjoy the plants and animals by the water. Do not feed ducks bread anymore. It was a big mistake when we were young.

Spending an hour or more doing these activities is a great way to nourish your soul. It is especially fun with kids or easily distracted dogs.

Visitors should be careful on this site. Many people found garbage in the Mansbridge Reservoir on their visits. It needs some care.

Every visitor to this place needs care as it allows relaxing in nature. The trees change color in autumn, and the sunlight makes the water look different.

This reservoir is on the right bank of the River Itchen. It is a great river of the United Kingdom, without any doubt.

The River Itchen starts near New Alresford and flows 26 miles to Southampton Water. The authority built the Itchen Navigation in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

It allowed barges to travel from Southampton Docks to Winchester. However, it stopped operating in the mid-19th century. The authorities abandoned it now.


Before visiting Mansbridge, anglers should know the following information. There is no doubt that it is a place that provides a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Many people come back to the reservoir to spend more time there. Many people come here to witness something magical, without any doubt.

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