Rangpur Chikli Water Park: An Ideal Spot for Fun


Who doesn’t enjoy a peaceful walk without the sound of machines to relax during a break from work? But you are wondering where to go?

If you live in northern Bangladesh, you can go to Rangpur Chikli Water Park. This park is in Hanumantala of Rangpur City and is famous as Chikli Bill.

There are many fantastic and beautiful entertainment facilities available here for the visitors. It is the first floating water park in Bangladesh.

Rangpur Chikli Water Park
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It consists of about 100 acres and is 5 kilometers from Rangpur City. This famous park is open for visitors from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Chikli Park has all kinds of modern rides and a fun atmosphere. You can have a delightful arrangement for a stress-free celebration with loved ones.

More Information About Rangpur Chikli Water Park

The beauty of Rangpur’s famous Chikli Bill fascinates everyone. The place was once a seaplane landing station. In winter, it used to be lively with the chirping of various guest birds.

The establishment of the park is the result of a great initiative. It has already become popular among the people. There are two benches in a pleasant environment on the bank of the bill.

There are also mini trains and various rides set up for amusement. This fantastic place currently has two divided parts.

The authority built a water park to the south of the bill. The entrance fee of this place of amusement is very reasonable. There are also various water rides.

Chikli Water Garden is the name given to the north side of the bill. The entrance fee is 30 rupees. The resort is next to the Chikli amusement park, built by private enterprises.

There are five different seating areas in restaurants. The water park has many fun rides, like jet skis, waterfalls, toy trains, and giant wheels.

You will get a bird’s eye view of Rangpur city if you ride the giant wheelbarrow. This beautiful area is a wonderful place to spend a fall afternoon.

The main attraction of Water Park is the artificial fountain. It is better to see this waterfall at night than during the day. Different colors of light will fill the eyes with flashes.

There are several canals inside the park. The colorful fish are playing there transparently. If you want, you can also float in the speed boat in this park.

Chairs or benches are available where visitors can sit and chat. You can come to Rangpur from any part of the country to reach this place. It is in the center of Rangpur.

You can reach here by either going through Sagarpara or crossing Hanumantala Bazar. The entrance to the bill is on the left side, a little ahead of the city police line.

If you ask about going to Chikli, you will get a rickshaw or an auto. There is ample parking space, you can get around by private car in the famous Chikli Park.

This recreational area in Rangpur attracts many visitors. Also, the place offers paths, benches by the lake, and seating areas for eating.

It also has waterfalls, a garden of rocks, and a place with fish. This place is ideal for spending time with loved ones.

It has lots of space to explore. Plus, there are restaurants and a water ship hotel for overnight stays. This park can be expensive.

Visitors have to pay twice to get in. Some staff members are not so good. But the water park is refreshing and relaxing. If you love nature, you should visit.

This place has some problems with its ticketing system. Visitors buy tickets for the main area before they can buy tickets for the water park.

This rule is unnecessary and makes the visit frustrating. It doesn’t allow outside food and water, which is disappointing. Guests need to rely on the vendors, who charge high prices.

This policy makes the experience worse and adds extra expenses for visitors. Everything is in the right proportion. The structures are well organized.

There are many green areas and natural water features. The designers of it have a deep understanding of how to create such a beautiful design.

If you feel bored sitting in your room all day, visit this place to give yourself a wonderful experience. Every day, thousands of visitors come to this amusement area.

People who love entertainment feel impressed despite the ongoing work. Both young and old can be visible here, with families or holding the hands of loved ones or friends.

No bird can fail to recognize the indescribably beautiful natural area. Once upon a time, when winter came, the bird loved to visit in this area.

Travelers love to flock here to see the visiting birds. These birds can give the locals a good time, without any doubt.

Istiaque1CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nature had no qualms in creating a pleasant environment for this fantastic area. In tune with the pure colors of nature, this bill is now more attractive for travel lovers.

Private individuals have built this entertainment area centered around the bill. Day by day, this place of Rangpur is becoming popular among travelers.


If you are in Rangpur, it is a perfect spot to enjoy a lovely evening. The lights are festive, and the arrangement is pleasing.

It is a large area, so it does not get crowded. Located in the center of Rangpur city, this place offers a great getaway from the stress and traffic.

You can relax by walking around the green spaces, sitting by the water, and enjoying tasty snacks. You will feel refreshed after your visit.

This place is ideal for spending time with loved ones, family, and friends. It’s beautiful and spacious, allowing you to explore.

There are also restaurants on-site, and you can even stay overnight. They also have a separate hotel that ensures a safe stay at night.

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