Monsoon in Bangladesh: An Ideal Time To Explore The Beauty


Bangladesh is a land of natural wonder and beauty. It has more than 700 rivers which are the highest in the world.

There are many things to explore in this riverine country. The monsoon in Bangladesh is an ideal time for changing the beauty of nature.

Monsoon Rain In Bangladesh
Photo by Neha Maheen Mahfin on Unsplash

At this time, nature assumes a magical form and attracts anyone. The season of monsoon is the type of blessing for the Bangladeshi people.

It makes the land fertile, cleans all the dust, purifies the air, and keeps the environment green. Monsoon is the second season among the six and comes after the summer.

Ashar and Shraban from the Bengali calendar is the time of this season. But sometimes, this season may last up to Ashwin.

More About Monsoon in Bangladesh

The sound of the rain in a Bangladeshi village house can amaze anyone. This green country of South Asia looks more green by the touch of monsoon rain.

When the intense heat of summer scorches nature, the monsoon brings a cooling effect. The environment of this South Asian country regains its new life during the rainy season.

Monsoon also brings peace to the minds of the people. A divine feeling comes into the mind with the touch of monsoon.

During the rainy season, the nature of rural Bengal turns dark green. The green nature is visible all around. The natural beauty of rural Bengal becomes most evident during the rainy season.

It is the time when dark clouds cover the sky, and the sun plays with these clouds. The sound of rain on the tin shade of the house amazes anyone.

The sound of the insect in the night creates a unique environment. Sometimes heavy rain and drizzle keep nature busy, without any doubt.

This kind of weather creates a majestic thrill in the human mind. Rainwater fills canals, rivers, and low-lying areas around the village.

Rainwater makes the low-lying areas a vast body of water. It makes the village a small island in a vast body of water. There is no doubt that the monsoon rains are a boon for agriculture.

Rainwater softens dry summer soil and makes it suitable for crop production. Then the farmers spent a busy time farming the land.

Rain In Bangladesh
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Sometimes, they indulge in idle conversation in the village meeting room after work. Village girls do not do any extra work during the time of rain.

So they all sat together and made various designs in Nakshikantha with needle and thread. Small children make paper boats and play in the monsoon water.

Monsoon creates some suffering in city life. The number of canals in the city is low, so flooding occurs only during heavy rains. Yet raindrops in hot summer cities cheer people’s minds.

The hot city becomes cool with the touch of rain. But it is impossible to enjoy the rain in Bangladesh like in the village. The dense black clouds create a beautiful atmosphere in the city.

Rainwater fills the canals and lakes of the city during this time. Green nature covers every part of the parks. It is a magnificent beauty, without any doubt.

Since time immemorial, flowers have been giving nature unique beauty. The presence of rain-soaked monsoon flowers colorizes human minds.

At the end of work, many people return home with flowers for their loved ones in the evening. What more do you want to paint your loved one’s mind?

Monsoon doubles the emptiness of loved ones. Many Bengali poets wrote love and hate stories, poems, and songs about rain. The mind becomes painful with the flow of clouds.

How to Enjoy This Blessing of Nature?

If a person lives in Bangladesh, it is easy for him to enjoy the rain. People who live in Dhaka fail to enjoy the beauty of it perfectly. People who live in the village see the beauty.

If you are a foreigner, visit Bangladesh during the rainy season. After reaching this country, visit the area near the river. You can take shelter in any village house.

Try to stay in a Bangladeshi village for some days by creating connecting with the local people. Many people are ready to host you in their homes.

If you find a home with a window facing the paddy field or green trees, you will enjoy the beauty of rain. Take a cup of tea and view the paddy field from your window during the rain.

There is no doubt that it will give you an enormous amount of joy. You can also taste the food and fruits of the rainy season. Many people are ready to serve you the food.

You can also enjoy the rain in the Dhaka city. Book a room with a window, drink coffee, and view outside during the rain. There are many resorts in the area of Gazipur.

You can also stay in the resort and visit tourist destinations like Cox’s Bazar. It is possible to enjoy both the beauty of rain in Bangladesh and the beach in Cox’s Bazar.

Visit the tourist destinations of Sylhet division during the rainy season. There are many beautiful places like Ratargul Swamp forest and Jaflong.

Oh! Sunderbans, which is the largest mangrove forest, is another good destination. This place becomes so vibrant during the monsoon in Bangladesh.

Monsoon in Bangladesh
Photo by Qurratul Ayin Sadia on Unsplash

There are many beautiful waterfalls in the Banderban district of Bangladesh. These are Risang Waterfall and Rijuk Waterfall, which you can also visit.

The riverine country named Bangladesh is a beautiful place on the planet Earth. This country will not frustrate its visitor, without any doubt.


The rain of this riverine land has many things to offer to the people. Many people see it as a blessing from the Almighty God. Many people see it as the cause of suffering.

The importance of rain is undeniable without question. It plays a vital role in the agriculture sector of this country in South Asia.

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