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Bangladesh is a riverine country with more than 700 rivers. Many of these rivers are so beautiful, without any doubt.

Payra River is one of these beautiful rivers in Bangladesh. The relationship between the waterway and the people of Bangladesh is so strong.

Thousands of people in this country depend on the river like Payra. Many people in the South Asian country of Bangladesh are fishermen.

People of this country love to catch and eat fish. So because of this reason, many people love to become a fisherman.

The beautiful river named Payra flows through the Patuakhali and Barguna districts. These are two famous coastal districts of Bangladesh.

More Information About Payra River

The majority of the river of Bangladesh have majestic beauty that amazes people. This waterway in the Southern part of Bangladesh also has natural beauty.

Anyone can understand how beautiful this river is by spending some time on its bank. This natural wonder divided Amtali and Taltali Upazila from the Barguna Sadar Upazila.

People of this area cross this waterway to visit Barguna Sadar Upazila. They use ferries or small-engine boats in this river from the small town of Amtali.

But it is not a good idea to cross it by trawlers during the rough weather. The river wave takes a dangerous form during the time of bad weather.

The deadly current of the Payra River has the power to sink any small-engine boat. But the people who live near the river are so brave, without any doubt.

They face many deadly cyclones and thunderstorms every year. So they have the brave to use small engine boats in this waterway. They also do it even in the heavy rain.

But it is not good work, and they should not do it if they do not want to lose their lives. There are many examples of losing life in the rough weather here.

If a man stands in one bank of the Payra, he will fail to get a clear view of the other part of it. It flows towards the mighty Bay of Bengal.

Payra River: A Reflection of Natural Beauty
Md Shaifuzzaman AyonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is possible to explore this waterway with the help of Google Maps. It falls into the Bay of Bengal in a wide area.

There are many fascinating places in its bank. It is a good idea to explore it on your own as it gives you the scope to enjoy a magnificent view.

There is a place in Amtali town where many people gather and enjoy this wonder. The location of this town is on the bank of the Payra.

It is an ideal place to view the sunset and sunrise, without any doubt. I passed many memorable times in the bank of it.

I enjoyed the magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise in this place several times. It assumes a unique beauty on a moonlit night.

The beauty of this place can amaze anyone on a moonlit night. Many local fishermen love to catch fish in this magnificent wonder.

They depend on this natural wonder for their bread and butter. Thus it plays a vital role in the economy of thousands of people.

But there are many sad stories of the people who live near it. During the cyclone Sidr, many of them lost their lives.

This river is a waterway that connects the capital city Dhaka, with Amtali town. The lush greenery on both sides of this wonder can amaze anyone.

The Bangladesh government built a bridge named Payra Bridge in the Lebukhali area. This bridge connects the Barisal with the Patuakhali district.

It has brought a revolution in the southern part of Bangladesh. The government took help from the Chinese company to build this bridge. It took many years to complete.


There is no doubt that the South Asian country named Bangladesh is beautiful. Payra is one of the great proofs of it. It can relax the mind of people from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Thousands of people depend on it in many ways, and it does not remove its blessing from them. It is a type of great emotion for many people.

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