Rangpur Railway Station: A Great Transport Hub


Rangpur Railway Station is a railway station located in Rangpur division of Bangladesh. The authority of that time established this important station on July 2, 1878.

It was the first district headquarters in Bangladesh that got a station. Six lines with a key, single platform, two loops, and 3-yard lines are available here.

The authority did many renovations at this historical station in 1944. After that, this rail station in North Bengal did not see any notable renovations.


The British authority built this station to make trade with Calcutta easy. They extended railways in various areas of northern Bengal.

The railway started in 1878, going from Poradah of Nadia. The authority also extended it to Rangpur city and Jalpaiguri. Jalpaiguri had recently become separate from Rangpur.

The British were very eager to do business in this area, without any doubt. The area around this station in North Bengal is famous for many things.

The authority named it in honor of a British businessman named Robert Watson. In 1870, the British government asked the landlord of Tajhat for land in this area.

Rangpur Railway Station
Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on Unsplash

They needed it to build a train station in this area. The landlord decided to give the land of Syedpur in Darwani Thana instead of giving it to Rangpur town.

The British government honored him by letting him travel for free in a saloon coach in India. He enjoyed this privilege for the rest of his life.

The British government created a railway division in Lalmonirhat village. They built a railway line from Rangpur to Assam, with a bridge in Kaunia.

The railway also extended from Bonarpara to Kaunia in Rangpur district. It is a historic transport hub of the subcontinent, without question.

More Information About Rangpur Railway

It is a divisional railway station in Bangladesh with few regular passenger facilities. The Bangladesh Railway Authority should take measures to increase the service.

They should focus on this issue to ensure passenger satisfaction. It is a historical place that is necessary to modernize. Local people should raise their voices to ensure its modernization.

Even though this place is ancient, it is necessary to improve the facilities to meet today’s needs. The train goes to many destinations from here, such as Khulna, Dinajpur, and Rajshahi.

But only two trains go to Dhaka: the Rangpur Express and the Kurigram Express. Passengers should collect the ticket at least 4 or 5 days in advance, or it is almost impossible to get one.

This historical transport hub is not as big a station as the expectation. It has one side platform where usually most of the trains arrive and leave on time.

It becomes very crowded, especially when it is departure or boarding time. But the majority of the time, it remains quiet and peaceful.

Many people often like to come here to see the wave of busy people. Everyone runs into this place to board their train in a hurry mode.

It is a junction point of the Northern region, without any doubt. It has developed a lot after becoming one of the divisions of Bangladesh.

But this historical transport hub is still like an old place. The environment here is good enough compared to any other railway station in Bangladesh.

The train comes and leaves at the regular schedule without having a delay in this hub. It has taken a big part in the memories of the people who live near it.

It is a great place for travel purposes. An important fact is that no printing shop is visible nearby to print the online ticket.

So passengers should manage a hard copy of the ticket before arriving here. Because if passengers are late, they won’t be able to print the ticket.


It was the main connecting route with greater North Bengal during the British era. It helped to evolve the old Rangpur city around it.

Now, this historical transport hub is far from modern Rangpur city. It has been a famous place to the people of this area and northern Bangladesh since the British era.

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