Rupganj Upazila: 3 Attractive Places to Visit


Rupganj Upazila is an administrative area of the Dhaka division under the Narayanganj district. It is a valuable location in Bangladesh as it has many factories.

Factories in this area play a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh, without any doubt. Many people live in this part of the Dhaka division for their work.

This place is in the east part of Dhaka city. It is on the bank of a famous river named Sitalakhya. This area has historical importance as it is an old place.

The exact history of the name Rupganj is not available. Research has found different opinions. According to many, there was an influential talukdar in the area named Rupbabu.

Zinda Park
Tasmin TriptyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The name of this upazila become Rupganj by him. The location of Rupganj Upazila is 23.7931° North 90.5167° East. Kaliganj Upazila of Gazipur District is in the northern part of this place.

Palash Upazila of Narsingdi District is also to the north, and Sonargaon Upazila is to the south of it. Araihajar Upazila and Narsingdi Sadar Upazila to the east part of this place.

Demra Thana, Khilgaon Thana, Badda Thana, and Khilkhet Thana are on the west. The area is about 176 square kilometers or 68.02 square miles.

3 Notable Places of Rupganj Upazila

There are many notable places in this area of Narayanganj District. These places have many things to offer to their visitors, without any doubt.

1. Zinda Park

Zinda Park is an amusement park and leisure center in the Narayanganj district. The area of the park is 100 bighas (33 acres). The park is one of the attractions of the Narayanganj district.

Zinda Park is in Daudpur Union, Rupganj Upazila, Narayanganj District, Bangladesh. The park is along the Dhaka Eastern Bypass Road in the northeast corner of Purbachal.

There is a new satellite town 37 km from the capital Dhaka. A small lake surrounds it to the north and east. It is a perfect place for many people who loves travel.

“Agrapathik Palli Samity” started in 1980. The initiative of this organization helped to establish the park in 1981. The area of the park is 100 bighas.

A man named Tabarak Hossain Kusum provided out of which 60 bighas. Its initial name was Shantikanan. Later it became famous as Zinda Park.

attractive places of Rupganj Upazila
Tasmin TriptyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The initial work started by setting up a school and office. Authority built Libraries, sanatoriums, and mosques day by day.

In 1995, Rajuk acquired the Zinda Park area for its Purbachal project. Zinda Park has an area of about 33 acres.

There are about 25 thousand trees of about 250 species. There are five reservoirs, which account for 25 percent of the total area.

There are tree-houses, dunes, flower gardens, and bridges over lakes. Several buildings include schools, mosques, libraries, cottages, and offices.

2. Murapara Rajbari

Murapara Rajbari is one of the archaeological monuments. It is a century-old zamindar house in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district.

Several zamindars renovated and extended the house at various times. It is in the village called Murapara of the upazila.

Its distance by road from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is about 18 km. Locals also call it Matherghat Zamindar House.

The Murapara palace is on 62 bighas of land. Babu Ramratan Banerjee established Murapara zamindari in the area with this house.

The palace was later renovated and expanded by some of his descendants. In 1889, the landlord Pratap Chandra Banerjee extended the rear part of this building.

He also started living here with his family. His son Vijay Chandra Banerjee constructed a building in front of the palace and dug two ponds in 1899 AD.

His two sons Jagadish Chandra Banerjee and Ashutosh Chandra Banerjee completed another work. They completed the two-story work of the palace.

Murapara college
Mahbub Hossain Shaheed (mahosha)CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After the partition, Jagdish Chandra moved to Calcutta with his family. Since then, the house has remained abandoned.

In 1948, the then-government of Pakistan took over the home. They started operating a hospital and juvenile correctional center here.

Authority began school and college activities here in 1966 AD. Bangladesh’s Directorate of Archeology took over the responsibility of the house after independence.

They listed it as an archaeological site. Currently, it is a famous as Govt Murapara College. The two-storied manor house has 95 rooms.

There are two adjacent ponds. You will see a large pond in front of the house and another at the back.

Also, the entire zamindar house has several dance halls, storehouses, and storage rooms. The top of the temple is about 30 feet high.

There is a large gate at the entrance to the main palace. There is also a mango orchard next to the landlord’s house. There are two old monasteries along the main road.

3. Suvarnagrama Amusement Park & Resorts

There is a resort in the Vulta area of Narayanganj district. Its name is Suvarnagrama Amusement Park & Resorts. It is full of natural beauty and modern facilities for entertainment.

This park has a total area of 100 acres. It has many attractive rides, a water park, a restaurant, a juice bar, a coffee shop, and a luxury resort.

It also has the facilities of car parking with a great picnic spot. Visitors can take the chance of a speed boat ride to see the whole water park.

It has facilities to arrange social, corporate, and picnic programs. It is possible to reach this place from anywhere in Dhaka.

This place is very near Dhaka city, and because of this reason, many people of different ages come to this place.


Thousands of people live in this area near Dhaka city. It has many factories where many people work. Anyone can visit this place to enjoy the view of the river Sitalakhya.

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