Oakfield Fishery: A Great Spot to Catch Fish


An interesting fact is that the people living in Buckinghamshire love fishing. They do many things related to fishing from this valuable love.

Fishing gives them many things as an alternative to this love. Oakfield Fishery is a site for catching fish, and many people visit this spot.

It has many great and notable things that attract people from different parts of the UK. Many people living in the United Kingdom find a fascinating place like this site.

This fantastic place for catching fish is in an area named Aylesbury. It is a famous county town of Buckinghamshire in the South Eastern part of England.

More Information About Oakfield Fishery

It is a famous mixed coarse venue for catching fish in the Aylesbury area of the United Kingdom. Three fascinating lakes cover five acres of land.

It is on 17 acres of beautifully landscaped countryside in the Vale of Aylesbury. This venue for catching fish is accessible from the small village of Kingswood.

It is on the A41 mid-way between Aylesbury and Bicester. This site is approximately 25 years old and famous among the people of the nearby area.

The owner has been expanding and improving the venue since he purchased it in December 2006. He focused on providing quality fishing for match and pleasure anglers alike.

The coarse species present include F1 Carp, Carp, Barbel, Tench, Bream, Perch, and Roach. Brook is the name of the first lake the authority constructed at Oakfield.

The owner redeveloped in 2012 when he incorporated seven islands. It is possible to reach all the poles easily, without any doubt.

Oakfield Fishery
Entrance to the Oakfield Fisheries. © Copyright Robin Webster and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It shelters Carp, F1 Carp, Barbel and Bream, Tench, Roach, and Perch. It is about an acre in size and has 30 pegs. Fishes of this lake are large.

Barbel worms, maggots, and meat work best for fishing on this fantastic site. Swallow Lake is a famous spot in this fishery.

People of this area have been seeing it for over twenty years. It has fish, including Carp, Commons, and Mirrors the 7lb to 19lb range. But every other fish is double in size.

The owner dedicated it to day tickets 365 days a year. The authority increased the size of the fish over the years with a policy of netting each winter.

They also removed any carp under 7lb and introduced a similar weight of larger fish. It is more challenging than other fishing sites.

Anglers know the trade-off between the size of the fish and the number of bites expected. The best time to catch fish here is early morning and evening on hot sunny days.

Straight lead with pellets, boilies, and meat all work well as hook baits in this venue. Regular loose feeding or a tea bag style approach also works well.

The fish also tend to feed well on the surface on warmer days. Red Kite is the name of another lake in this venue. The authority excavated it in the year of 2011.

It covers almost three acres of area. They redeveloped it currently as a specimen carp lake. Four quality tiled toilets are available, and the fishery benefits from them.

There is hard-standing car parking for all the lakes and gravel paths. It is lead to well-maintained permanent pegs. The authority constructed Red Kite as a match lake.


These are information about the Oakfield Fishery. People of Great Britain try to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time in the majestic touch of nature.

This fishing site in England has a touch of beautiful nature. This touch is capable of pleasing many people in this spot for fishing.

A great and good time is waiting for everyone in this magnificent area. All types of anglers should take a chance to visit here to experience a great time.

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