Hillhead Fishery: Where Passionate Anglers Unite


A great connection exists between the people of Great Britain and fishing. It is the connection between love and hobby, without any question.

A notable fact is that the people of Northern Ireland is the great lover of fishing. It is easy to find this love in Northern Ireland by visiting sites like Hillhead Fishery.

These places entertain the thousands of people living in this part of the UK. People visit sites like this place in Antrim County to avoid a busy life.

This fantastic site for catching fish is in the area named Ballymena. It is a famous town of Antrim County in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

More Information About Hillhead Fishery

This place is among beautiful unspoiled farmland. It is the ideal place to come to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Many people living in Antrim visit this site for this purpose. The fishery is within 3 miles of Ballymena town center, County Antrim.

It is also on the main town service bus route and provides a good experience. The Hillhead fishing venue is perfect for amateur and more experienced fishermen/fisherwomen.

Hillhead Fishery
Trout is available in Hillhead Fishery. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The authority welcomes both of these types of people. A small baiting pool is available on the site to encourage children to fish. Many children visit this place for fishing with their parents.

There are many fantastic facilities available here to offer a fascinating time. It has the facility for anglers to hire fly rods and reels. Two seating and picnic areas are also available there.

Some other notable facilities are toilets, a free car park, and access for disabled people. There is also a baiting pool for the children who visit this venue with their parents.

Another piece of information is that anglers can buy Light snacks and drinks. Seating around the lake and cabin for the rest are other good facilities of this venue.

Some Rules of This Site

Every fishing site that exists in the United Kingdom has some rules. These rules help to maintain a good environment in the venue. This site also has some guidelines.

  • It does not accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage to persons or property.
  • All children and youths must visit with a responsible adult. It is the liability of the adult to ensure that the children wear eye protection. The elements of eye protection are available at the lodge.
  • The authority does not allow wading at the lake. This venue also does not allow bait fishing on the main lake.
  • This site allows bait fishing by worm only – management banned all other forms of baiting.
  • Anglers should not discard any lines. It is a danger to wildlife.
  • The authority expects anglers to behave courteously at all times. They should not do anything harmful to the fishery or other anglers.
  • Anglers should not consume any alcohol on the site.
  • The staff reserves the right to check equipment, clothing bag, or vehicle.
  • The management of this site reserves the right to expel or refuse admission to any person.


A common fact is that this fishing site has the facility to provide the majestic touch of nature. This touch can offer some relaxing and heart-soothing moments to the anglers.

It is hard to find anyone who does not want to enjoy some fascinating moments in this part of the UK. So they visit places like this fishing site of Antrim named Hillhead.

It welcomes anglers in its area with some fascinating and unique things. This site does not frustrate any anglers who visit here. Hundreds of people visit this site of Antrim for a good experience.

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