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Catching fish is a great way to relax and de-stress. The majority of the people living in Harescombe Village know it.

There is a fishing venue in this village named Harescombe Fishery. This venue provides the opportunity of catching fish for the whole of Gloucestershire.

A notable fact is that it gives facilities that attract anglers from different parts. This magnificent venue is in the area of Gloucester.

It is a city in the west of England, near the Cotswolds rural area. This city is under the non-metropolitan county named Gloucestershire.

More Information About Harescombe Fishery

It is a majestic place nestled beneath Edge in Gloucestershire. This venue has four well-stocked water reservoirs, a cafe, and facilities for all ages and abilities.

The authority arranges Regular matches at this venue for catching fish. This place is also a favorite for coaches to teach young and new anglers.

It is an ideal fishing venue, without any doubt. Anglers can drive to all water reservoirs, and the parking facility exists near the pegs.

Harescombe Fishery: Amazing Facts to Know
Carp is available in the Harescombe. BidgeeCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is possible to reach the valuable destinations of this site with only a short walk. The cafe of this venue offers tea and coffee.

It is perfect on those cold winter mornings before you draw your peg for a match. It also provides a selection of items for buying.

It is possible to say that a fascinating fishing experience is waiting here for everyone. Hundreds of people visit to take this good experience, without any doubt.

Lakes of This Site

The total number of lakes available in this place is five. These lakes provide a great experience to the anglers, without any doubt.

Field Lake

It is the famous water reservoir of this venue, without any doubt. It has well fish stock with a variety of species.

Carp to 20+ pounds are available on this lake, and 3-hour match weights have exceeded the magic ton.

Match Lake

The authority introduced it to leave the original three lakes open to pleasure fishermen. The owners constructed it to make fishing fair to all match anglers.

There are 30 pegs available, and Fishery Manager Andy Price runs plenty of open matches. Match Anglers are welcome to practice here if there are no matches for that day.

Meadow Lake

It has fast become popular with anglers for its large head of double-figure carp. Along with skimmers & roaches, it holds a good mix of fish.

Pasture Lake

It is the smallest in size but not in catches. It provides shelter for some hard-fighting carp. But it is not impossible to catch them without any question.

This water reservoir is ideal for those new to lake fishing and juniors. It is possible to tell that it is a great fishing venue for both experts and beginners.

Silvers Lake

It is a new water reservoir, and famous for producing fantastic fish. Be aware that it remains booked for matches most Sundays.


These are the information that a person should know about the Harescombe Fishery. It will play a vital role in a great moment on this site for the anglers.

Many people Gloucestershire area of the United Kingdom visit this place for fishing. It has all the elements to offer a mentionable and memorable experience to the anglers.

The location of Harescombe is in beautiful nature. This fantastic site of Gloucestershire is ready to offer a great moment to the anglers.

Many anglers who have the experience of catching fish on this site praised it. It is a place to avoid the busy modern life and take the beautiful touch of nature.

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