Hunnington Fishery: An Amazing Place

People of Great Britain is the lover of fishing, without any question. They know the benefits of fishing that help it to become a famous sport in the UK.

They arrange many things about fishing in different parts of this island country. Hunnington Fishery is a place where people do many things related to fish.

There are many valuable things to know about this famous venue where many people gather. It is a venue that offers some good facilities to the anglers who visit for angling.

This fantastic fishing venue is in the area of Halesowen. It is a market town in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, West Midlands County, England.

The location of this site for catching fish has a relaxing and peaceful environment. This environment ensures a fantastic fishing experience for the anglers.

More Information About Hunnington Fishery

It is a coarse fishery and a family-owned business in the Halesowen under West Midlands County. Three people run this property.

These people are Dan, Lesley, and Ollie. They cater to both match and pleasure fishing lovers. Their fishing club membership is an excellent way to compete for runs, without any doubt.

It remains open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm. This famous site offers a relaxing and peaceful fishing experience to anglers.

This notable fishing venue has well-stocked and well-maintained pools. There are parking facilities for the anglers to park alongside the peg if weather permits.

Various species of fish consider this place as their home. These fish species are Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream, Chub, Perch, and Skimmers.

A great environment exists in this venue for anglers, without any doubt. Five fantastic pools exist in this area of mixed coarse fishery.

These fascinating water reservoirs provide some great moments for the anglers. The name of the 32-peg water reservoir is the Kingfisher Pool.

It provides shelters to carp of 15 lbs, crucian carp, tench to 8 lbs, bream to 6, and skimmers. Heron Pool is another 20-peg water reservoir in this place.

Hunnington Fishery
Roach is available in Hunnington Fishery. Arturek28 at pl.wikipediaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is home to tench of 8, skimmers to 8oz, bream to 5, roach to 1lbs, perch, and bream. It also provides 50-lb nets of silverfish! The third one is the Mallard Pool.

It is a 12-peg water and home to carp of 20 lbs, tench to 6 lbs, crucian carp to 1 lb, roach to 1 lb, and chub to 2. The match record stands near 100 lbs.

A pleasure fishing lake also exists named the Coot Pool. It also shelters fish, including carp and tench. Swan Pool is also a pleasure lake and home to carp near 1 lb.

Kingfisher, Heron, and Mallard Pools are available to hire for private matches. Coot and Swan Pools are also available for people to private hire.

This site provides a good experience for the anglers. Corn, worm, pellet, caster, and maggot are ideal for fishing on Kingfisher Pool. Pole fishing works perfectly for Mallard Pool.

But effective baits, including corn and red maggot, are necessary. There are many mentionable facilities including car parking and an onsite cafe.

Rules of This Fishing Site

The owners of this coarse fishery set up some rules to ensure a peaceful environment. Every angler should try to follow these rules for their benefit.

  • No one should wrap fish in towels.
  • The Authority of this site allows one rod.
  • Anglers should put unused bait in bins, not pools.
  • Anglers should elasticate all whips.
  • This site does not allow mugging fish.
  • This site also does not allow tapping water.
  • This venue does not allow floating baits.


Hunnington Fishery is an ideal place for anglers who want to fish for coarse fish. The staff who work in this venue have high dedication to their work.

They support the anglers to ensure a relaxing fishing experience. It is possible to enjoy some good moments by following the rules of this venue.